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How can I see statistics by subaccounts?

Modified on: 29 September, 2022 at 5:40 PM

In the Statistics menu you have an opportunity to sort traffic by Subaccounts in the quick access panel:

You can also sort traffic by desired subaccounts by entering their values in the appropriate fields:

So, for example, if you need to evaluate effectiveness of different sources for 1 GEO (

The data for Subs of similar type is combined to the single list), you can go to Sub1 statistics (where you’ve prescribed data about the source) and make sorting inside these statistics by required GEO (in this case it will be Sub5 – value “UK”):

So you can combine different approaches and work effectively with analytics.

You have 8 Subaccounts at your disposal. Generally preferred values:

Type the source of your traffic here.
Example: Facebook, YouTube etc.

In case you work with a source containing different Campaigns, e.g. in case of FB source – specify the Advertising Camapaign ID in Sub2 field.

In case you work with a source containing different Ads, e.g. in case of FB source – specify the name of the Ad Group here.

Here you can specify the ID or name of the creo.

In this field you can specify the GEO, respectively.

You can use your own parameters


You don’t have to use the suggested classification of Subaccounts, you can customise them as you need.