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How to use subaccounts in OWNR Affiliate’s personal account?

Modified on: 29 September, 2022 at 5:45 PM

Let’s say you want to launch traffic in Facebook to the UK geo with video creatives and you need to track conversions to optimise the advertising campaign. To do this you can use these tips:

Enter the necessary parameters in the Sub1-Sub5 fields:

The generated link will look like this:

To get the link, you need to copy it by clicking the Copy button:

Exactly the same operation should be done for your other creatives.

Please note, the link is generated automatically each time you change data in the Sub fields.

The number of Sub fields involved can either be reduced (by simply removing their contents) or increased if needed:

You have 8 Subaccounts at your disposal. Generally preferred values:

Type the source of your traffic here.
Example: Facebook, YouTube etc.

In case you work with a source containing different Campaigns, e.g. in case of FB source – specify the Advertising Camapaign ID in Sub2 field.

In case you work with a source containing different Ads, e.g. in case of FB source – specify the name of the Ad Group here.

Here you can specify the ID or name of your creos.

In this field you can specify the GEO, respectively.

You can use your own parameters.

You don’t have to use the suggested classification of Subaccounts, you can customise them as you need.


Have a good profit!