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How to authorize your card? (NOT RELEVANT)

Modified on: 29 May, 2020 at 10:23 AM

Please note that the current article is not relevant anymore.

Before your first purchase, you need to verify your card first.

To authorize a card go to ‘Buy crypto’ section. There you will see the ‘Authorized cards’ tab.

  1. Press the ‘Add the card’ button.

2. Then you will see the instructions for card authorization. Please note that we don’t store the data of your card. The verification is needed for us to be sure that the card belongs to you. After reading the instructions press the ‘Continue’ button.

3. You will be forwarded to the payform where you will have to enter the card details. Note that you can only use one card for all the processes in OWNR. Make sure that you can use the card for further purchases.

4. After submitting an order, you will see the screen where you have to type in the amount that was charged from your card. You will have 3 attempts and 1 hour to enter the correct amount. When the time is up or the number of the available attempts will end, you will see an error. After that, you need to send the photo of your card to for more attempts. Press ‘Continue’.

5. Then you will see the card that is authorized

Now you can buy crypto. Don’t forget to go through the authorization process, so you can buy more than $50.