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Fees and limits

Modified on: 28 January, 2021 at 12:28 PM


Payment card issuance
(contactless, chip and PIN)
One-time paymentEUR 40.00
Monthly service chargeMonthly per cardEUR 1.00
ATM balance inquiryPer inquiryEUR 1.00
ATM withdrawalPer withdrawalEUR 5.00+3.2%
POS & online transaction successfulPer transactionEUR 0.50
Account Funding (card-to-card) feeFor each transactionEUR 3.00
Crypto to fiat exchangeFor each transactionDepends on coin
FX mark up (ATM)For each transaction5%
Chargeback handlingPer chargebackEUR 60.00


ATMDaily limitEUR 500.00
ATMMonthly limitEUR  2,500.00
OtherDaily limitEUR  2,500.00
OtherMonthly limitEUR  5,000.00
ECOMMDaily limitEUR  2,500.00
ECOMMMonthly limitEUR 5,000.00

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