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How to buy crypto using SEPA transfers?

Modified on: 20 February, 2023 at 1:39 PM

Before buying using SEPA transfers you need to pass KYC verification and to authorize your SEPA account. After that you can create an order.

  1. Go to ‘Buy crypto’ section and choose the SEPA account which was verified by our compliance team. Enter the amount you want to buy and the address where you need your crypto to be received. After that press the ‘Create order’ button.
  2. Now you order is created. You will have 30 minutes to send your fiat money. Press the ‘Pay’ button to see credentials, where you need to send fiat transaction
  3. You will see an invoice  with the bank details. Go to your bank app and make a SEPA transfer to the specified credentials. In payment description you need to specify: “Payment for invoice #…”. The invoice will also be sent to your email. After the payment will be made, press the ‘I paid’ button.
  4. Usually, the time of funds receiving varies from 10 minutes to several days. Only after that the cryptocurrency will be paid out to the address you specified. The receiving amount is calculated at the rate at the time of confirmation of the incoming payment to our account. The current order processing status can be viewed in the order list.