Unlimited profit with Affiliate Program by OWNR Wallet

Earn from each transaction of invited users for a lifetime period
Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program description

OWNR Wallet offers you to become a Revenue Share partner and recieve lifetime payouts!

Attract users, track their activity and receive monthly payouts! The program includes operations of purchase and exchange of crypto, along with orders of Visa prepaid cards and operations made with them.


For desktop
Affiliate Program description
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Lifetime payouts

38% of profit income from each transaction
For 1 year of client`s activity
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25% of profit income from each transaction
After 1st year of client`s activity
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3 simple steps to earn income from OWNR Wallet affiliate program

Sign Up
3 clicks to finish the sign-up procedure
Refer Users

After the registration, you will receive your customized affiliate tracking link. Paste it to your website, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and start earning commissions.

Earn Commissions

When someone clicks through your tracking link and complete a purchase, you will receive a commission. It's that simple!

OWNR Referral Program
Earn 5% from every partner you invite
1Get link
2Share it with your partner
3Start earning
Check new registrations in your profile and start earning when conversions started
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Frequently asked questions

Who can become our Affiliate Partner?
You can become our affiliate partner if you are:
  • an owner of thematic sites, groups in social networks and other information resources that meet the requirements of the law
  • an ordinary user of the OWNR Wallet crypto ecosystem
  • entrepreneurs involved in the resale of traffic on the Internet (arbitrage)
Who can become our Referral Partner?

Each affiliate partner registered in the system, as well as affiliate networks, can become a referral partner after signing the contract and setting up the.

When does a partner receive a reward?

Any paid conversions of users attracted by the partner are displayed in the personal account and credited to the balance.

When and how are payments made to partners?

Payments are made by the financial department on a monthly basis in automatic mode to all partners who have indicated the details. Early payouts are also available upon request from $500.

In which countries CAN OWNR be advertised?

Different services in the OWNR Wallet ecosystem are available for different countries. You also need to take into account that some banks and other financial services have restrictions on working with cryptocurrencies, even in countries where OWNR officially operates.

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange is available and counted from all users except citizens of these countries.
  2. The purchase of cryptocurrencies with a bank card (in the future, the sale of cryptocurrencies) is available for citizens and residents of these countries.
  3. Ordering plastic and virtual cards from OWNR Wallet is available for citizens and residents of the EU and EEA countries, the current list of the available countries can be seen here.
Where CAN NOT OWNR be advertised?
  • Advertising on information resources related to the illegal trade in weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances and other darknet services is prohibited.
  • Advertising the purchase (future sale) of cryptocurrencies is prohibited in these countries.
  • Advertising of plastic cards is prohibited outside the EU and EEA.
What materials can be used to advertise OWNR without OWNR approval?

To advertise OWNR, you can use any promotional materials attached to the offer in your personal account.

What materials can be used to advertise OWNR with OWNR approval?

Before starting an advertising campaign, you need to approve the promotional materials and resources that you are going to use with your personal manager. After their approval, you can start to get traffic.

Where to get a link?

You can get a working link in your personal account in the offer you are interested in.

How to use a link to count conversion actions?

The link received in the account with an active offer is provided with a unique click_id, which connects the referred user with a specific Partner. You can't make changes to this link (except adding a sub to optimize your traffic costs), otherwise the conversion won't work and won't be taken into account. It is also important to keep in mind that when targeting ads for installations the OWNR Wallet mobile app on Android, third-party services are used that also work correctly with the original link.

Where the resulats can be checked?

Statistics on your traffic will be available in your personal account in the Statistics/Daily section. To see a list of conversions made by users, go to the Statistics/Conversions section. Filtering by country, operating system, sub-accounts and devices are also available.

Which platforms count conversion actions made by users?

Web, android

  • The link works directly. Windows, macOS, Linux (when downloading the app from ownrwallet.com)
  • The link works directly. iOS + macOS store
  • Unfortunately, due to technical limits and privacy settings on Apple's iOS and macOS platforms, it is not possible to correctly count app installations using links from the OWNR Wallet Affiliate Program account. But if the referred user registers an account in the web version of the account by following the link from the Partner, and then uses this account in the OWNR WALLET app on iOS or macOS, then conversion actions will be taken into account.
What does an user need to do in order for conversion events to start counting for him?

To start counting conversion actions, users you referred need to register an account in OWNR Wallet and install a PC or mobile application by clicking on the link from the Partner's promotional materials. In addition, it is necessary to make conversion actions in the web version of the account. List of conversion actions:

  • buying cryptocurrencies with a bank card
  • crypto-to-crypto exchange

Conversion operations for prepaid cards ordered in OWNR Wallet (plastic and virtual):

  • card ordering
  • replenishment of the card balance using cryptocurrencies
  • online and offline purchases
  • cash withdrawal from an ATM

The whole list of conversion actions and profits can be found here