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What is the Ethereum Dencun upgrade?

Dencun, a merger of two separate upgrades known as Deneb and Cancun, addresses Ethereum's consensus and execution layers in a unified upgrade.

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Blockchain in trademark and brand protection

Today, brand protection strategies leverage technology, proactive enforcement, and legal actions. Legal avenues, including intellectual property laws and trademark registration, provide a foundation for protection. Technological solutions like digital watermarking and blockchain offer innovative methods for authentication and traceability

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How to build a cryptocurrency mining rig? | OWNR Wallet

Do you want to start mining cryptocurrency? This article will help you build your first mining rig, and guide you on essential components and installation processes.

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What is The Graph (GRT Crypto) and how does it work? | OWNR Wallet

What is the Graph (GRT)? Discover more about this dynamic crypto indexing protocol. Explore how GRT functions in blockchain data management. A must-read for crypto enthusiasts!

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What is ERC-6551?

The ERC-6551 standard, introduced on the Ethereum mainnet on May 7, 2023, aims to extend the capabilities of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by incorporating smart contract functionalities. This standard allows NFTs to be associated with Ethereum accounts, thereby creating token-bound accounts (TBAs).

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Top 15 Best Crypto Staking Coins in 2024: Highest APY and Rewards | OWNR Wallet

The ultimate guide to choosing the best crypto to stake: learn about the staking process, APY and return rates, plus explore cryptocurrencies and useful tools.

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