10 golden rules for successful use of cryptocurrency

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📌Don't spend a large amount of money at once

Cryptocurrency is very volatile. Start with $200 instead of buying $1000 at once.


A shared email account is not suitable for registering on cryptocurrency exchanges. It's better to register a separate email and use it only for digital coin transactions. 

📌Trade small transactions

Aim for small profits first, and only then increase your deposit. 

📌Never buy on margin (credit)

If you got it right - you can get considerable profit. If you are wrong - you will owe much more than you invested. 

📌Diversification in business

Never invest all your money in one financial instrument, including holding cryptocurrency. 

📌Don't hold losing positions

If the value of a cryptocurrency declines - consider selling all or half of it. Don't let small losses turn into big ones. 

📌Make a clear trading plan

A plan should help you decide when to buy or sell.

📌Use Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can be used as a clue - when to enter or exit a position. 

📌It is better not to keep large amounts of money in cryptocurrencies.

There is always a risk of hacking. Therefore, it is best to keep money in OWNR Wallet.

📌Practice on a demo account

If possible, practice on a simulator before you trade with real money.

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