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40% of 40K Respondents Plan to Buy Crypto in 2023

The results obtained by Blockchain.com help to know the general mood of the industry and predict its development for the future.

Despite a difficult year for the crypto industry, nearly 40% of respondents indicated plans to buy cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in 2023.

People always want to believe in the best and remain optimistic. The cryptocurrency community doesn't give up hope too.

Despite the gloominess of the ongoing cryptocurrency winter, combined with the failures of crypto-giants like FTX, the community seems to remain optimistic about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency markets have experienced a massive sell-off in 2022, with total market capitalization dropping nearly 70% from the Bitcoin high of $69,000 in November 2021.

However, despite the overall market decline, interest in crypto-assets remains high.

Investors continue to buy more cryptocurrencies.  41% of respondents told Blockchain.com in an online survey that they would buy cryptocurrency in 2022.

The survey, titled  "Crypto Confidence: A Survey on Investor Sentiment,"  was conducted between Nov. 28 and Dec. 9 and published Dec. 22.

The platform surveyed more than 40,000 people worldwide who visited Blockchain.com, which is one of the world's largest crypto-asset tracking sites.

According to the survey, a significant number of people are also willing to continue buying cryptocurrency in the next year. Despite a challenging year for the crypto industry, nearly 40% of respondents indicated a plan to buy cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, in 2023.

In addition, about 40% of respondents said they would talk about cryptocurrencies at the holiday table, which is considered a sign of growing awareness.

Crypto Confidence in different countries

In addition to general investor sentiment, the survey also provides some geographic data, noting that Brazil, Nigeria and Ghana are becoming the most optimistic countries in terms of cryptocurrencies.

50% of survey participants from Brazil said they bought cryptocurrency in 2022, with 50% also planning to buy digital coins in the next year.

Representing the largest group of respondents, 50% of Nigerians bought cryptocurrency this year, 46% plan to do so next year, and 46% also plan to discuss cryptocurrency over the holiday table.

60% of Ghanaian respondents said they expect to buy cryptocurrency in 2023, and 53% plan to discuss cryptocurrency at the holiday table.

44% of U.S. respondents bought cryptocurrency this year, and 40% plan to buy next year.

Germany and Italy were among the most skeptical countries in terms of investors' attitudes toward cryptocurrencies.

31% of Italian respondents said they bought cryptocurrency this year, while 29% plan to buy it next year.

34% of German respondents bought cryptocurrency in 2022, and 30% plan to do so in 2023.

The countries with the most responses were Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ghana, and Germany.


The results of the survey clearly showed that the worse is the country's economic situation, the higher is the inflation, instability and uncertainty about the future, the more often people use cryptocurrencies and pay more attention to them, talk about them more.

On the contrary, if countries have a stable economic situation, developed economy, their residents are confident in the future and financial policy conducted by the government they pay less attention to cryptocurrencies, talk about them seldom and use them fewer times.

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