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Understanding Phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) and Strategies for Defense

Phishing and Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) are major cyber threats that deceive people into revealing sensitive information. This article explores how PhaaS simplifies phishing attacks for even non-technical criminals and provides key strategies for defense, including vigilance and robust security measures.

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18 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts in 2024 | OWNR Wallet

Explore the top Crypto Podcasts for insights on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Discover the best in blockchain discussions, trends, and expert insights

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Various forms of Bitcoin custody

Bitcoin's increasing value and institutional interest highlight the need for effective custody solutions. Options include centralized exchanges, self-custody with hot or hardware wallets, and third-party custodial services. Each method balances convenience, control, and security, making the right choice essential for safeguarding assets.

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What Is Crypto Art and How Does It Work? A Full Explanation | OWNR Wallet

Discover the intersection of art and technology with Crypto Art, digital artworks authenticated through blockchain technology, revolutionizing the art world.

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What are tokenized commodities?

Tokenized commodities are digital versions of physical assets like energy, agricultural products, and precious metals. By converting ownership rights into blockchain-based tokens, these assets become fractionally owned and more accessible. Each token typically represents a portion of the commodity, enhancing efficiency, divisibility, and liquidity, and transforming asset ownership.

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What Is Bitcoin Halving? Everything You Need to Know | OWNR Wallet

Are you interested in BTC halving? Then our article was meant for you. We will provide you with everything you need to know about Bitcoin halving, and tell you when is the next Bitcoin halving.

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