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Crypto Token vs Coin: What's the Difference? | OWNR Wallet

Learn the key differences between crypto tokens and coins, including their blockchain, function, value, and regulatory status.

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What is Tether’s gold-backed stablecoin, ‘Alloy’ (aUSD₮)?

Alloy (aUSD₮) by Tether is a gold-backed stablecoin that combines the stability of the U.S. dollar with the security of Tether Gold (XAU₮). Using Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, aUSD₮ ensures transparency and integrates seamlessly within the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovative asset offers a blend of traditional value preservation and modern blockchain technology.

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What is The Flippening? Understanding its Meaning and Impact in Crypto | OWNR Wallet

Dive into the world of crypto and discover "The Flippening" - what it means, its potential impact on the market, and why it's a hot topic in the cryptosphere.

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What is an infinite mint attack, and how does it work?

Infinite mint attacks exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts to create unlimited tokens, severely devaluing the affected cryptocurrency. An example is the PAID Network hack, which resulted in a $180-million loss and an 85% drop in token value. Preventative measures include regular audits, strong access controls, and real-time monitoring.

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What is an Inverse Futures Contract?

An inverse futures contract is a financial derivative where the seller profits when the price of the underlying asset declines, differing from traditional futures. Valued in fiat currencies or stablecoins, these contracts are settled and margined in the underlying cryptocurrency. They offer benefits like long-term stack-building and leverage in bull markets, but also carry risks including market volatility and liquidity concerns.

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How to generate passive crypto income with Masternodes

This article delves into what masternodes are, how they function, ways to earn from them, how they compare to other passive crypto income strategies, and the associated risks.

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