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Best Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts


Do you like listening to podcasts? This form of presenting information has become quite popular today. Since most of the information in podcasts is in the form of audio, people always have the opportunity to listen to a podcast and simultaneously go about their business. If you are already interested in cryptocurrency or are just learning the basics, you will find cryptocurrency podcasts useful. After all, they provide useful facts, as well as the latest news and analytics.

Overview of Recommended Crypto Podcasts

We have collected the most informative and useful cryptocurrency podcasts for you. Regardless of the general topic, this list of the best crypto podcasts will vary slightly in content: they talk about different cryptocurrencies, as well as different projects and phenomena in the crypto industry, so not all of it is about Bitcoin.

What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack


One of the best crypto podcasts "What Bitcoin Did" was launched back in 2019 by Peter McCormack, a well-known Bitcoin figure. On his podcast, McCormack invites experts whose activities are related to Bitcoin and its trends.

Peter McCormackis a former small business owner who is currently diving headfirst into the world of cryptocurrency and exploring it. He presents information to his listeners in his own unique and fun style.

McCormack’s guests include core developers, investors, analysts and commentators. All of these guests are professionals in their field, and on the podcast they touch on all sorts of questions about Bitcoin, ranging from technical ones, such as protocol updates and the Lightning network, to broader and philosophical ones, such as the ideals and goals of Bitcoin.

Peter McCormack not only asks questions to his guests, but also leads an interesting discussion, during which he shares his own opinions.

The podcast "What Bitcoin Did" has over 300 episodes with invaluable information and entertaining guests.

Money Movement


Money Movement, hosted by Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, takes a more global view of cryptocurrency. Allaire explores how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can integrate into a modern, changing economy.

Featuring interviews with the best and brightest innovators, The Money Movement highlights the ideas driving real technology adoption. Allaire and his guests discuss how new tools can benefit individuals and businesses, and how leaders around the world are laying the foundation for a new financial system.

The Pomp Podcast


The Pomp Podcast began in 2017. It is a common cryptocurrency show that was established in 2017. Its smart guests and business reviews grab over 100,000 listeners per episode. This podcast contains many aspects like smarter business evaluation, backed by supporting remarks. It helps the listener to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and comprehend an exhaustive range of topics, cryptocurrency guidelines, DeFi, NFT, prominent corporations implementing cryptocurrency, and even more. Pomp provides the latest news and pop culture monitoring in this current cryptocurrency climate. The host conducts interviews with cryptocurrency innovators, creators, and business professionals, plus talks about numerous new suggestions.



On Empire’s crypto podcast hosted by Blockworks co-founders Jason Janowitz and Santiago Santos, you will find a collection of candid interviews with luminaries in the cryptocurrency world. Also, the guests, along with the hosts, discuss the news of the past week on each Friday. Since Janowitz and Santos have insider knowledge in the cryptocurrency world, they talk about the future of cryptocurrencies and possible regulation, crypto adoption, the impact of major players on the market, and much more. This podcast, due to its wide variety of topics and resources, will be interesting for both novice and experienced traders.



Unchained, hosted by independent journalist Laura Shin, is one of the first and best crypto podcasts, as it definitely stands out from the other cryptocurrency podcasts.

Shin previously worked at Forbes, but now hosts one of the most entertaining podcasts about cryptocurrencies. She does not hype up dubious coins, and approaches advertising in her podcast very responsibly.

Shin is able to convey even such complex topics as cryptography in simple words to her listeners. The host has a great track record of explaining complex topics in simple terms, and her journalistic background makes her podcasts even more professional.

The Bad Crypto Podcast


The Bad Crypto Podcast is a fun show hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. They talk about all the latest stuff happening in the world of cryptocurrency. They joke around a lot, but also give good information about things like NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse. They explain things in an easy way for people who are new to crypto, and make it interesting for those who already know a lot. The hosts are funny, and make learning about blockchain technology exciting.



When listening to the Bankless cryptocurrency podcast with hosts Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, you will take a deep dive into the world of decentralized finance. They talk about cryptocurrency and how it can save banking and finance. They give an understandable explanation of what crypto and stablecoin is, and how tokens work. In addition, experts are often invited to the program, and talk in detail about how everything is organized. Following their example, you will also want to become part of decentralized finance. In addition to everything, the hosts are cheerful, and they discuss entertaining topics. In general, it is both fun and educational, helping listeners understand the future of finance.



Epicenter is a treasure trove of informative podcasts about cryptocurrency and blockchain. The founders of the podcast, Brian Fabian Crain and Sébastien Couture, have academic competencies that are reflected in the content of the episodes.

The presenters invite such influential people from the crypto industry as Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, and Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos.

Guests and presenters discuss topics such as innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, NFTs, and DAOs. Epicenter has already published more than 500 issues.

The “What Is Money?” Show


The bitcoin podcast "What Is Money?" founded by Robert Breedlove, explores such global topics as the past, present and future of economic systems, the ideological foundations of Bitcoin, and the decentralized system of finance.

Numerous episodes are devoted to the theory of monetary regimes, the impact of Bitcoin on the economy, and the possibility of introducing Bitcoin as the main means of economic activity for people.

Breedlove draws on Austrian economics, thermodynamics, and other diverse fields for analyzing Bitcoin's potential as an advanced form of money.

Breedlove focuses not on fleeting news, but on more global trends in modern centralized and decentralized economies.

The Breakdown


This daily podcast will help you immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrency. The Breakdown with NLW discusses up-to-date news and trends in the crypto sphere. The host, Nathaniel Whittemore, the show accessible for newbies and informative for experienced investors. He provides users not only with facts, but also with the necessary data for understanding what is happening in the crypto space for real. The FTX situation, the energy conflict in Bitcoin, and changes in regulations are among the hottest issues on the show. Nathaniel Whittemore discusses all the newest products and concepts in the crypto sphere, and explains the most challenging concepts in a clear and simple way.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners


The crypto podcast Cryptocurrency for Beginners with host Crypto Casey is an ideal option for people who want to join the cryptosphere in order to understand the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Casey explains complex terms and technical aspects in simple terms, and invites guest cryptology experts and founders of blockchain companies. On the podcasts, the host and guests cover the differences between centralized networks and decentralized networks, as well as security issues in the crypto industry.

The show covers not only the technological aspects, but also the investing aspects.

Crypto News Alerts


In contrast to the previous podcast, Crypto News Alerts offers episodes in the format of short 15-minute recordings about the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Topics covered include: listing of new coins, major market movements, changes in legislation, and platform failures.

The podcast keeps traders and crypto enthusiasts informed about the latest news without unnecessary details.

The Daily Gwei


The Daily Gwei podcast is dedicated to news and analysis of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency.

On this show, you will be able to see interviews with Ethereum founders such as Vitalik Buterin, as well as discussions of new trends in the crypto industry, such as NFTs, the impact of mining on the environment, and decentralized finance events.

In addition to all this, the podcast covers the topic of the Ethereum ecosystem and its fundamental underpinnings.

The Delphi Podcast


The Delphi Podcast, hosted by Tom Shaughnessy, provides in-depth information and analysis of the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets. The presenter was a former crypto investor and advisor to blockchain startups, and interviews experts in the field of financial technology. Podcast participants share their opinions and analysis.

Recent guests have included the founders of Chainlink, Aave, and other major crypto projects. The show touches on the topic of cryptocurrencies as an investment tool, as well as future prospects for the crypto industry. Guests and the host analyze market opportunities and make predictions for the future of decentralized finance.

The host's thoughtful questions and focus on practical ideas rather than hype make the Delphi Podcast an essential resource for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the complex, rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem.

The Defiant – DeFi Podcast


Hosted by Camila Russo, founder of The Defiant media outlet, this podcast takes an in-depth look at the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The presenter has extensive experience in journalistic work, so you can find interviews with DeFi startup founders, analysts, and experts working with advanced blockchain technologies.

The topics of the episodes go beyond flashy headlines; the podcast authors do not seek to hype themselves; they spend more time explaining complex topics in simple words. Among the episodes, you can find reviews of the latest technologies in cryptocurrencies, as well as the impact of new phenomena such as NFTs.

The Blockchain.com Podcast


The Blockchain.com Podcast guarantees the “most extensive talks in crypto,” offering perspectives, knowledge and commentary from the most intelligent minds in the space. This podcast is run by Blockchain.com co-founders Peter Smith and Nic Cary; they give short and sweet updates on the news of the week, as well as interviews with crypto’s leading heavyweights. No matter if you’re a crypto veteran or just starting to learn, the podcast provides lively commentary and content which are aimed at everyone.

Bell Curve


The Bell Curve podcast tackles the hottest topics in decentralized finance. This podcast is one of the best crypto podcasts, and is suitable for both beginners in cryptocurrency and experienced specialists.

The Bell Curve covers topics such as the future of Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general, exchange and regulatory rules, FTX testing, and much more.

The podcast is hosted by cryptocurrency veterans Jason Yanowitz and Mike Ippolito. Their professionalism adds to the expertise and quality of information in this podcast.

Crypto 101


This podcast will be best enjoyed by market enthusiasts, as hosts Bryce Paul and Brendan Wyman discuss the latest developments in the crypto market. They discuss how to make cryptocurrency more accessible, and they do market analysis, helping traders benefit from the volatility of Ethereum and Cardano.

Paul is the author of the book "Crypto Revolution," which has become a resource for many investors. In addition to the financial component of the crypto world, the presenters and guests discuss the technical aspects of the blockchain. Leading market developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs are invited.


This concludes our list of fascinating cryptocurrency podcasts. Among the many options offered, you will definitely be able to find something for yourself. All of these podcasts discuss pressing topics in cryptocurrencies, both from a technological and financial perspective. This list of the best crypto podcasts will help you immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies, and keep up to date with the latest news.


Are there any good crypto podcasts?

Definitely. There are many good and useful podcasts for both beginners and advanced crypto enthusiasts. The best crypto podcasts are in this article.

Who is the most trusted crypto expert?

All the experts we listed above can be trusted, since these are people who are not new to cryptocurrency. The experts have different backgrounds, so you can find the speaker that interests you the most.

What is the most talked-about crypto?

The most talked-about cryptocurrency is, of course, Bitcoin, since this coin is the founder of the entire crypto world and the crypto market. In second place in terms of discussion is Ethereum.

What is the best-performing crypto of all time?

The effectiveness of cryptocurrency depends on your intentions, if you are a trader or investor. The most effective cryptocurrencies on the market are those that have existed for a long time, and which have a loyal base; these include Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Solana, Litecoin, and so on.

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