Blockchain of the future

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  • Replacing the energy-intensive PoW consensus algorithm with more environmentally friendly and efficient ones. In 5-10 years, perhaps all new assets will run on PoS.
  • Because of greater efficiency, availability, and the near-term transition of the Ethereum blockchain to PoS, we can expect a situation where the capitalization of ETH will exceed the capitalization of BTC.
  • Developers are offering new blockchains and add-ons to existing platforms that optimize their performance. This expands the applications of blockchain technology.
  • A barrier to blockchain spreading is the low speed of transaction processing. Authors of various projects are trying to come up with new algorithms to validate transactions. Once they succeed, blockchains can be used for microtransactions in various fields.
  • Blockchain, which can only account for payments between users, is no longer enough. Platforms are needed to run smart contracts and decentralized applications. Developers are in the process of creating them.

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