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Technologies are actively developing every year offering new opportunities. Goods that only science fiction writers could predict a few years ago appear on regular sale. Many fairy tales and myths come true. 

Technology cannot be stopped. Although it is sometimes difficult to predict in which direction scientific and technological progress will develop, we can already talk about the most striking trends of 2022. Let's look at them and the prospects they give to the world.

A sharp increase in computing power, cloud solutions, telecommunications networks

Computing power continues to grow rapidly by 2022. An important driver of rise is the mining of bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies. 

The growth of the cryptocurrency market provokes miners to buy more and more advanced computing equipment. It means that the need for more advanced computing tools will only increase, actively contributing to the development of technology. 

Cloud technologies are not lagging behind in development, offering more advanced and progressive information storage technology. Thanks to this active development of cloud solutions, many enterprises are switching to cloud products.

The growth of the Internet and the development of mobile communications leads to the improvement of networks that now cover even the most inaccessible parts of the world. 

5G is being actively implemented, and 6G is appearing on the horizon. It gives even more opportunities for high-quality communication and the development of mobile applications in all sectors of activity.

Development and active implementation of smart devices

Constantly increasing computing power is a driver for creating a wide variety of intelligent devices in all fields of activity. 

Such tools no longer perform simple monotonous work, but make complex independent actions that require less and less human intervention and free people from both daily routine and dangerous work. 

Smart TVs have appeared, autonomous cars that do not require the presence of a driver, increasingly intelligent robots that can work without human intervention, performing a large number of tasks faster and better than people.

In 2022, there will be more and more smart robots that are actively being implemented not only in various sectors of the economy, but also in people's daily lives, working as home assistants.

Quantum computers

Quantum computing technology allows machines to process information in a fundamentally different way than traditional computers. 

Quantum computing will potentially give us computing power a trillion times greater than what we get from today's advanced supercomputers.

Experts believe that in 2022 quantum computers can radically change our approach to such problems as database processing, accounting, logistics, and financial portfolio management, etc. 

These technologies will give a breakthrough in pharmacology and the development of various productions.

Data identification

Data is a key factor contributing to the development of all current trends. All technologies are based on data processing and identification.

All digitization of information in our modern world means that we have huge amounts of available data that need to be processed in a timely manner to achieve the best, most profitable and productive result.

Data has become the number one business asset for every organization, and the ability to work with data is a vital skill that determines the competitive advantages of one business over another. 

The data obtained and collected are used to better understand the customers, investigate key trends and get an idea of what employees are doing inside the organization and how effective the business is.

Artificial intelligence, machine vision, machine learning and no coding

The collected and processed databases and constantly growing computing power are now being actively used to provide the world with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

One of the key trends in the world of artificial intelligence is the development of machine vision. Computers have appeared that can see and recognize objects in videos or photos.

Speech processing is also making great progress thanks to which machines can understand our voices and respond to us.

An important trend in 2022 is the lack of machine coding. This allows everybody to create artificial intelligence using drag-and-drop graphical interfaces in order to develop extraordinary applications without having programming skills, but guided solely by creativity and talent.

These are just some of the current trends that are being actively implemented in 2022. Progress is unstoppable, just as there are no limits to creativity.

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