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Why brands are interested in metaverses nowadays.

There are a lot of metaverses right now. More often than not, by «metaverse» mean sandbox platforms. These are platforms where users can create something, build something, upload objects and where people can communicate with each other and promote their project.

What brands should enter the metaverse, and what brands shouldn't?

All brands connected with fashion and those who earn on the sale of limited editions should enter meta space. Because if they're doing it in the real world, they'll be successful at it in the virtual world, too.

How does a brand keep track of how many people are coming from metaverses.

A workable way to look at metrics in the metaverse is through promo codes. So it's not just holding an event or building a location in the metaverse, it's also an extra bonus for the user.

Another way to track the number of users is to put a POAP machine with NFT.

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