Crypto Assets Will Become a Separate Category in UK Tax Reports

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The latest national budget released by His Majesty's Treasury includes changes to the valuation of cryptocurrencies. 

Due to the development of its own cryptosystem, the Treasury is adding a new category for digital assets on returns for taxation. A separate item for digital coins is due to be introduced on tax declarations in 2024-25.

Regulation of cryptocurrencies in the UK

On March 15, the UK Treasury made changes to crypto asset self-assessment forms, which means that citizens of the UK will now have to declare their crypto-income for 2024-25.

At the moment, specific numbers for expected budget revenues from cryptocurrency taxation, and figures in the table of expected expenses and revenues of the state budget are at a nominal 10 mln pounds of UK ($12 mln). 

  • 	<p dir="ltr">This suggests that the Treasury is not yet sure how the taxation of digital coins will be levied and how it will affect budget revenues.</p>

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has approved changes, including a special item informing people to declare transactions involving crypto-assets on their tax declarations. This helps raise people's awareness of their tax obligations regarding digital coins.

  • 	<p dir="ltr">Cryptocurrencies have become a popular investment class, and governments worldwide are looking to regulate their use and taxation. </p>

Thus, the U.K. has joined the list of countries where tax authorities require the declaration of income from the use of digital assets.

Additional regulation

The growing adoption of digital assets and rising cryptocurrency revenues require not only changes to regulations of taxation but also additional measures to educate taxpayers on reporting rules.

This could include better information support and education for cryptocurrency investors, as well as stronger tax compliance oversight measures.


It should not be forgotten that the introduction of extra measures must be accompanied by a review and resolution of existing problems and ambiguities in the taxation of cryptocurrencies, as well as providing adequate legal protections for investors.

The approval of the new Financial Services and Markets Bill could provide the FCA with new regulatory authority over the cryptocurrency industry. This would increase transparency and improve regulation of the entire digital asset industry.

  • 	<p dir="ltr">It is worth ensuring that the new authority does not lead to over-regulation or negative consequences for investors in the development of digital technology and the industry.</p>

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