Crypto Documentary 'Bull Run' Explores Bitcoin, Tokenization, and Trading Obsession

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"Bull Run" a Spanish documentary directed by Ana Ramón Rubio, delves into the world of cryptocurrency trading during the bull market, showcasing the director's journey and the creation of the first-ever tokenized film. The documentary had its international premiere on Nov. 15 at the Doc NYC documentary film festival in New York City.

The film industry, traditionally funded by wealthy investors or centralized production companies, is experiencing a transformation with the integration of Web3 and blockchain technology. Blockchain's transparency and efficiency provide unique tools for decentralizing the investment process, allowing filmmakers to launch projects quickly and enabling individuals to have a stake in a film's financial outcome.

Bull Run made history by raising 320,000 euros (approximately $370,000 at the time) in just 24 hours in September 2021 through tokenization. Producer Juanjo Moscardó emphasized the game-changing nature of the process during a Q&A session, comparing it to the four years it took to finance his previous movie. The film's backers received BULL tokens, representing the film's debt and offering rights to the profits, distributed via blockchain. Investors also enjoyed benefits such as invitations to premieres and producer credits, with the top investor gaining 60 seconds of airtime within the film.

The documentary unfolds during the height of the bull market in late 2021, with Rubio's introduction to crypto by a friend leading to a trading addiction. Despite her family's concerns, who viewed it as a pyramid scheme, Rubio decided to create a documentary about her experiences with crypto trading rather than giving it up.

Bull Run provides a first-person account of the captivating gains and all-encompassing nature of crypto trading during a bull market. While incorporating interviews with prominent Spanish-speaking crypto personalities and explaining blockchain basics, the film's emotional core revolves around Rubio's trading obsession and its impact on her life.

The documentary humorously captures the behind-the-scenes of Rubio's filmmaking journey, revealing moments like her trading during an interview with the host of the Bitcoin al Dia YouTube channel. Beyond the laughs, Bull Run delves into the personal consequences of Rubio's trading on her relationships and how the documentary reignited her passion for filmmaking.

As the film progresses, it explores Rubio's transition from viewing crypto as a speculative asset to reevaluating its purpose during the bear market. Bull Run highlights how people worldwide use Bitcoin and blockchain technology to improve their lives and challenge centralized systems.

Reflecting on her blockchain journey, Rubio expressed her belief in Bitcoin, stating, "I am mostly a Bitcoin believer right now." She acknowledged the existence of other interesting projects but emphasized her confidence in Bitcoin's success. Looking ahead, Rubio remains uncertain about succumbing to the trading addiction again, stating, "I don't know if in 2025, when a new bull run starts, if I will be a little bit more of a trader. Let's see how this addiction is handled."

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