Cryptodictionary: WHALE

In relation to cryptocurrency, a whale is an individual or an entity who owns an amount of certain cryptocurrency big enough to influence its price. Just like whales, whenever such people or companies make a move, it affects a lot of smaller ‘fish’ around them.

For example, a bitcoin whale is someone who has at least $10 million in bitcoin. At the moment, around 32% of all bitcoin in circulation is held in a little over a 100 whale wallets. The situation is similar with all major cryptocurrencies, most coins are usually held by a comparatively small number of wallets.

Whales are one of the reasons for high volatility in a cryptocurrency market. If a whale decides to sell a significant amount of coins for fiat, the transaction is viewed by other market players as a signal to sell their crypto too. This can bring the cryptocurrency’s price down and cause a fire sale.

Vice versa, when whales decide to purchase a large number of a certain cryptocurrency, they can boost a bull run. This happened in February 2021, when Tesla announced the purchase of $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, it made bitcoin’s price surge 15% up almost instantaneously.

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El Salvador

OWNR Wallet supports El Salvador


15 Apr 2022

OWNR Wallet and its shareholders are committed to supporting the people of El Salvador and are donating to the humanitarian fund established by Bitfinex to assist those affected by the destructive violence in El Salvador

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