Development and Scaling up of Super-apps around the World

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Super-apps in Asia

Offering a wide range of financial services, super apps have rapidly spread across Asia. A single super-app is convenient to download on smartphones, there is no need to switch between applications, fewer downloads and updates.

The growing middle class in China, the huge number of the population, and the high level of mobile phone use have created ideal conditions for super-applications to develop rapidly.

Promotes the development of super-applications and their state support. This has led to the fact that in China, WeChat has become the most popular mobile application with about 951 million users, and Alipay is in second place with 599.95 million.

A similar situation has developed in Southeast Asia. Super apps in the Asia-Pacific region use the huge amounts of data they collect to provide better service.

Super-apps in West 

Super apps in the West are not as widespread as in Asia. However, with the acceleration of digital transformation after COVID, people are starting to pay more and more attention to super-apps, their convenience and benefits.

Instead of having multiple apps for ordering food, booking trips and paying, people prefer to have one common app. Consumers want the convenience and simplicity that super-apps can offer.

Super apps can be used to solve a variety of tasks, they are convenient and easy to use. Since super-applications work in different industries, they have a large and exclusive access to user data, complementing each other, combining various databases and providing more services to their customers.

OWNR Wallet is a super-app for cryptocurrencies, where everyone can buy cryptocurrency using his credit/debit card.

The OWNR  ecosystem already includes a wide variety of offers for both businesses and for simple users.

What new functions do you want to see in our app? 

Let's make it better together!

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