EOS resource management now supported

We are glad to announce that EOS is now fully manageable in OWNR Wallet! We have rolled out the resource management with the recent update of the app.

EOS resources include RAM, CPU and Network. You may check their status by expanding the information about your EOS account with OWNR. When sending EOS, you spend some CPU and Network for each transaction. From now on, it is possible to replenish your staked EOS resources anytime and thus make as many EOS transactions per day as you need.

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OWNR Wallet team won two awards at the international forum

OWNR Wallet team won two awards at the international forum Blockchain Life 2021


03 May 2021

OWNR Wallet met with representatives of Binance, BitForex, companies and outlined productive ways of partnership! Among cryptoenthusiasts, the greatest demand was caused by a prepaid Visa card, the business sector took a note of a crypto-to-crypto exchange API, as well as a cryptocurrency payment gateway.

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Government regulation of crypto: necessary evil?


18 Apr 2021

The regulation of cryptocurrencies varies from country to country, from outright blanket ban, to total embracing and enforcing. Let’s take a closer look at how different countries and financial regulators treat cryptocurrency.

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OWNR jumping in 2021: what’s new?


07 Apr 2021

At the beginning of 2021, OWNR Wallet team expanded their ecosystem, reduced fees, and received Canadian MSB license.

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