Fees down! NOW 3% for Bitfinex users!

Fees down! NOW 3% for Bitfinex users!

If you are a verified Bitfinex user, choose OWNR Wallet as a payment method and enjoy purchase of the supported assets with debit or credit card at a lower price! Now the rate is 3%.

Assets available for Bitfinex users through OWNR Wallet:

Bitcoin (BTC),
Ethereum (ETH),
Ethereum Classic (ETC),
Tether (USDT),
Tether Gold (XAUT),
Tron (TRX),
Tezos (XTZ),
Litecoin (LTC)
Zcash (ZEC),
Dash (DASH),

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Technology og HD wallet

Technology of HD wallet


21 Jan 2021

HD actually is an abbreviation for Hierarchical Deterministic. HD wallets have a tree structure where a seed phrase is at the root of it.

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2020 Q4 UPDATE

The fourth quarter was full of important updates for OWNR.


30 Dec 2020

New assets were launched for Bitfinex users. OWNR Wallet expanded its services by adding a Visa card. OWNR launched own built-in crypto-to-crypto exchange.

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OWNR in-built exchange

OWNR launches own in-built crypto-to-crypto exchange!


16 Dec 2020

Now OWNR Wallet’s users can enjoy faster exchange transactions which no longer depend on the asset availability on Changenow.

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