Fees down! NOW 3% for Bitfinex users!

Fees down! NOW 3% for Bitfinex users!

If you are a verified Bitfinex user, choose OWNR Wallet as a payment method and enjoy purchase of the supported assets with debit or credit card at a lower price! Now the rate is 3%.

Assets available for Bitfinex users through OWNR Wallet:

Bitcoin (BTC),
Ethereum (ETH),
Ethereum Classic (ETC),
Tether (USDT),
Tether Gold (XAUT),
Tron (TRX),
Tezos (XTZ),
Litecoin (LTC)
Zcash (ZEC),
Dash (DASH),

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Nigeria’s Curious Crypto Surge


11 May 2022

As of October 2021, Bitcoin’s 24.2% adoption in Nigeria is the largest of any country. It remains the most popular coin to trade in Nigeria, but Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Binance Coin are not too far away in terms of statistics.

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How to safely trade and invest in crypto


20 Apr 2022

This blog post will explain what you should pay attention to when buying cryptocurrency!

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El Salvador

OWNR Wallet supports El Salvador


15 Apr 2022

OWNR Wallet and its shareholders are committed to supporting the people of El Salvador and are donating to the humanitarian fund established by Bitfinex to assist those affected by the destructive violence in El Salvador

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