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Forecast for various areas in 2022


IT development trends in 2022 according to IDC:

🔥About 80% of enterprises will start moving to cloud infrastructure twice as fast.

🔥The most important challenge will be protecting and optimizing cloud resources. Also, the demand for AI-enabled cloud services will increase. 

🔥 IDC expects that by the end of 2022, a quarter of Forbes Global 2000 companies will buy at least one AI startup.

🔥One of the trends in the development of information technology will be the reduction of energy costs and the overuse of IT equipment.


Top IT trends in 2022 according to Gartner:

🔥Data Fabric. It's the integration of data between business users and platforms. 

🔥Privacy-enhancing computing (PEC).

🔥Cloud-based startups will grow to 95% by 2025.

🔥 Gartner, as well as IDC, holds the opinion that the era of AI is coming.

🔥Autonomous systems that can change their own algorithms without updates from the outside. 



🔥Micro-LED and mini-LED displays.

🔥Mass production of DDR5 memory. 

🔥Full transition to 5G. 

🔥Digital manufacturing. Analysts are confident that IoT technology will become a major metaverse. 

🔥Virtual reality. Integration of additional sensors and AI algorithms will allow AR and VR hardware manufacturers to experiment with full immersion.

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