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Governance tokens constitute a distinct category of cryptocurrency tokens designed to confer voting privileges upon selected users within a blockchain project. These tokens are distributed in proportion to the contribution made, whether in terms of invested capital or computing power. While governance tokens are tradable like other crypto tokens, their primary function is to empower holders to participate in and vote on matters crucial to the operation and future development of the blockchain project.

Primarily utilized by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to streamline decision-making processes, governance tokens possess more inherent value compared to other types of native tokens associated with a blockchain project. This elevated value stems from the fact that these tokens grant holders voting rights, differentiating them from other cryptocurrencies primarily utilized for transactions, financial speculation, or serving as stores of value. Governance token holders collectively engage in discussions and decisions related to key aspects such as implementing new features, determining the necessity of hard forks, or even overhauling the governance mechanism itself, influencing various aspects of blockchain decision-making.

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