How to Buy a House with Bitcoin in 2024?

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Crypto users now have a secure way to convert their volatile digital assets into stable real estate investments with full legal compliance.

TEKCE Real Estate is at the forefront of transforming digital assets into stable investments by offering crypto users advantages in legal compliance and tax benefits during real estate transactions.

Recognizing market trends early can be crucial when investing in the crypto market. Despite bull markets generally lasting longer than bear markets, it's wise to secure gains against unexpected declines by realizing crypto positions.

Investment experts often advocate for diversifying portfolios rather than concentrating all investments in one area. Therefore, to secure gains, investors might consider temporarily converting assets into precious metals or cash.

Alternatively, converting volatile digital assets into tangible properties like real estate can provide long-term security and stability, protecting wealth from potential market uncertainties.

However, using significant amounts of digital assets to purchase real estate can be complex. When dealing with millions of dollars worth of crypto, a solid strategy is necessary to navigate regulatory requirements and ensure a smooth transaction.

Buying a House with Bitcoin

TEKCE, a global real estate company that is friendly towards crypto, assists investors in converting their volatile crypto assets into stable real estate investments with more predictable returns.

TEKCE made headlines by facilitating the sale of a flat in Antalya, Turkey, with Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency was still largely unregulated. This landmark transaction in 2017 set a precedent for future crypto-based real estate deals, demonstrating TEKCE’s capability to overcome legal and regulatory challenges.

As a property technologies (PropTech) firm, TEKCE offers comprehensive assistance to those looking to buy real estate with crypto. The company handles all legal aspects and navigates bureaucratic hurdles with its team of lawyers who specialize in crypto payments.

The process begins when users report their chosen property to TEKCE. After completing a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) form to verify their identity, users sign a crypto payment agreement to ensure a secure transfer of funds.

Next, users transfer their crypto of choice, such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), or Ether (ETH), to TEKCE’s wallet. TEKCE then converts the crypto into fiat at the current market value and transfers it to the seller’s bank account, completing the transaction safely and in compliance with legal requirements.

Since its first crypto real estate sale in Turkey, TEKCE has expanded its services to Spain, Cyprus, and Dubai. Successful sales in Spain have demonstrated TEKCE’s ability to navigate the sales process in European Union countries. The firm prioritizes user security and legal compliance, adhering to the regulations specific to each region.

TEKCE differentiates its services by creating special fund models for large transactions, which offer significant tax advantages and protect investors' earnings. These funds provide a dual benefit of financial protection and tax efficiency, bridging the gap between digital assets and traditional real estate investments.

The Wealth Transfer of Crypto Investors

As the crypto market experiences another bullish phase, TEKCE has seen increased interest and demand for its services. The firm has facilitated over 2,500 real estate sales paid for with crypto.

TEKCE Real Estate chairman Bayram Tekçe highlighted the substantial wealth transfer created by crypto globally, stating, “This wealth transfer will take place under the leadership of PropTech companies like us.”

The integration of digital assets and real estate represents a significant evolution in investment strategies. This innovative approach connects modern digital finance with traditional investment models. As regulatory frameworks continue to evolve, the inclusion of digital assets in real estate transactions will become increasingly important.

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