OWNR is among the top 10 best projects of the 9th Global Blockchain Congress

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On February 21-22, OWNR Wallet visited Dubai to attend the 9th Global Blockchain Congress organized by Agora Group. As part of the event, the OWNR Wallet team presented the project on the main stage, met investors, participated in networking sessions, and communicated with representatives of other projects. Based on the results of two days, we can confidently say that the OWNR project is becoming more popular and moving in the right direction. There is a considerable demand for non-custodial wallets, prepaid cards for withdrawing cryptocurrencies, payment gateways, and crypto exchange APIs. Our project can satisfy those demands and is here to meet those needs. It's critical that OWNR has room to grow, and our team is already actively moving in new directions.

An essential event of the congress was the presentation of new projects, including OWNR. After the brilliant performance of our Head of BDO, the meetings continued non-stop, which means that new collaborations and partnerships won't make you wait! The great interest in our project also confirms that OWNR is one of the crypto industry leaders.

"One of the valuable opportunities for OWNR was networking with like-minded people and sharing experiences. The crypto industry is still new for many, and, as a rule, there are no manuals; all crypto development starts from scratch. We would be glad if our rich experience in developing crypto tools would help someone. It was a great event with a high level of organization! Within two days, we received valuable contacts, found new partnerships, and had a great time! Thanks to Hadi and Rim and the whole Agora Group team! We appreciate your contribution to the development of the crypto industry and look forward to new invitations!" – comments Grygoriy Sytenko, OWNR Wallet CEO.

Despite the closed nature of the event, the congress brought together more than 1000 participants, at least 200 investors, and about 60 crypto projects.

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