OWNR Wallet is reducing fees for Visa prepaid cards!

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We are launching the new, better fees for Visa prepaid cards!

	<li>&nbsp;The cost of ordering a card is now €10 lower!</li>
	<li>&nbsp;The fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency through ATMs is down from EUR 5.00 + 3.2%, to EUR 2.00 + 2%</li>
	<li>&nbsp;Making purchases online is 40% cheaper</li>
	<li>&nbsp;The cost of chargeback handling dropped from EUR 60 to EUR 40</li>
</ul><a href="https://card.ownrwallet.com/assets/Visa_Prepaid_Card_Rates.pdf">Check out the full list of decreased fees here</a>.</div>

Use your cryptocurrency wallet and Visa prepaid card in one app at low prices.

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