OWNR Wallet supports El Salvador!

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OWNR Wallet and its shareholders are committed to supporting the people of El Salvador and are donating to the humanitarian fund established by Bitfinex to assist those affected by the destructive violence in El Salvador 🌋

The decision to make an impactful contribution to the Bitfinex relief fund for El Salvador is driven by the heartbreaking tragedy experienced by the families suffering from the destructive violence seen on the streets of El Salvador. Every day, hardworking Salvadorians continue to rebuild their lives and create a better future for their families while the threat of danger and crime surrounds them.

The perilous situation in El Salvador cannot be ignored; no one should live under the constant threat of violence and destruction. More must be done to assist every Salvadorian in need.

OWNR Wallet is proud to support such a world-changing initiative and has made a $100,000 crypto contribution to the El Salvador relief fund, established by Bitfinex and Tether

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