OWNR Wallet will take part in Blockchain Life 2021

The OWNR Wallet team will participate in the 6th international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining.

On April 21-22, Blockchain Life 2021 will take place at the Music Media Dome, Moscow. OWNR Wallet will present the crypto ecosystem.
The OWNR team will perform on stage with a presentation of the product, crypto ecosystem, which includes multifunctional HD wallet, cryptocurrency purchase gateway, Visa prepaid cards for individuals and businesses, cryptocurrency purchase API, crypto-to-crypto exchange API, individual OTC deals.
The OWNR team will have its personal stand, which will display the basic information of the crypto ecosystem. The stand can be found next to the speed working area, marked as С10 on the map.

“We are looking forward to it, as this is the first forum in the long absence of such events. We will be glad to present our crypto ecosystem, exchange experiences and have a great time!” – comments Grygoriy Sytenko, OWNR Wallet CEO.

The forum gathers more than 4000 participants annually. Among the participants and exhibitors of the Forum there are the world’s largest industrial companies, senior government officials, private investors and funds, representatives of sensational startups and cryptocurrencies, blockchain developers, significant players in the mining industry, and everyone interested in developing in one of the most promising areas of our time.

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