Playboy will build another mansion. This time in The Sandbox metaverse

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🤵‍♂️Playboy men's magazine is teaming up with The Sandbox, a metaverse platform, to build a digital equivalent of the MetaMansion party mansion inside the metaverse. 

The magazine has changed its development strategy due to less and less interest in offline mass events. Inside the digital mansion, both mini-games, collaborative social activities, organized events and regular digital releases are promised. Entertainment themes will draw on the brand's seventy-year history. 🖼The company is also going to release NFTs that give a variety of privileges to their holders.

🥇Playboy was one of the first companies to join the Web3 industry in the spring of 2021, releasing its first NFTs called Liquid Summer. Those tokens sold out in three minutes. 

Last autumn, the company launched Playboy Rabbitars, the company's first major NFT collection project. Owners of Rabbitars and The Sandbox LAND will have access to exclusive events in Playboy's branded environment, where users can buy plots in the metaverse.

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