Social networks are carving out niches in the crypto industry

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  • Telegram is ahead of other social networks

Telegram is one of the most popular applications for communication and a prerequisite for launching many crypto projects.

There are small groups on Telegram where people just chat with each other, and there are larger ones where entire projects can form a community.

  • Twitter is more important to the NFT community

The goal of 10,000 NFT collections is to go as viral as possible, and Twitter is the perfect place to showcase your NFTs.

To make the best use of Twitter, people use NFTs as their profile images and follow others in their community. 

  • Discord is more important for DAO

With DAOs, it's important to coordinate different aspects of the company.

A DAO can have a channel for general discussion, a channel for token holders, a channel for treasury discussion, one for strategy, one for products, etc.

  • Lens Protocol hopes to change social media

If the Lens protocol succeeds, the ideal for social media may be achieved: people will be able to own their data and interactions, log in with their cryptocurrency wallets, and have full control over these things.

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