Tag OWNR Wallet and win $100!

Friends, OWNR Wallet giving $100 for post with OWNR apps!

Activity Period: 2022-06-1 04:00 PM (UTC) to 2022-06-8 04:00 PM (UTC)

The key to winning is to take a photo with OWNR Wallet apps. It can be a photo on your vacation or at work, in the mountains or in a city cafe, with a dog or a cat, any option! Show how you use our wallet, how convenient and simple it is, regardless of the situation!

You can participate in the activity through one of the following ways:

Join through Twitter

  • Follow and tag @ownrwallet.
  • Tweet a photo of you using OWNR with the hashtags #ChooseOWNR.
  • Participants must keep following our official Twitter account (@ownrwallet) until the winners are announced.

Join through Instagram or Facebook

  • Follow and tag us on Instagram (@ownr_wallet) or Facebook (@ownrwallet)
  • Share a photo, video, or reels of you using OWNR with the hashtags #ChooseOWNR.
  • Make sure your account is public and your post is shared in the feed or reels, not stories.
  • Participants must keep following our official Facebook and Instagram accounts until the winners are announced.

Selection Criteria:

  • A winner will be picked by OWNR Wallet team
  • Showcase your creativity and high-quality content to increase your chance of winning.

Note: The photo must show the OWNR Wallet app (desktop or mobile) and how you use it in real life. Please use only your own photos.

A winner will receive $100 in USDT TRC-20 in OWNR Wallet.

The following are some tips for creating a good photo:

  • Get creative – take photos with your pets, find interesting places
  • Don’t be afraid to show yourself
  • You can post several photos in order to increase your chances of winning but photos must not be repeated


Good luck!
OWNR Wallet team

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