​Three more car brands have joined the NFT

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🚙Chevrolet started making cars as NFTs.

But American automaker Chevrolet has seen little to no interest in the event.

The lack of interest in NFT can be explained by the overall unfavorable state of the market. The automaker only accepted bids in Ethereum, which is currently down almost 77% from its historical high.

🏎Lamborghini, uses NFT for auto parts.

Lamborghini Squadra Corse GT Vincenzo Sospiri Racing announced that it will begin using NFT to certify and authenticate factory car parts.

The move is part of a pilot scheme by Go2NFT, a company that specializes in creating enterprise NFTs for businesses.

🚗Mercedes-Benz will release an exclusive NFT collection on the FTX marketplace.

Mercedes has teamed up with Art2People to create an exclusive Mercedes-Benz NFT collection based on the G-Class line of vehicles. Five artists were commissioned to create works inspired by the G-Class for different platforms. The NFT collection was launched at Nifty Gateway. The price per NFT ranges from $222 to $1,554.

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