Top 20 Movies About Crypto, Investments, and Finance in 2023

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Movies and TV shows today serve as a means of conveying information that goes beyond mere entertainment or the generation of dopamine. They shape our worldviews, inspire, and provide essential knowledge. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the crypto market are no exception.

In this article, we've compiled several films and TV series that can alter your perspective and understanding of the world of crypto. They might teach you something new, point you in a new direction, or motivate you to take specific actions. Enjoy the viewing!

Movies and TV Shows About Crypto

Since the first crypto bull run in 2014, the cryptocurrency market has become a phenomenon that attracts people from all walks of life. Easy money, wild volatility, global companies, the largest financial frauds in history, and crashes—all of these elements pique interest and provide the backdrop for compelling narratives. Let's begin with a few popular films related to crypto:

  1. "Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King" - A documentary film from Netflix based on the real story of the Quadriga crypto exchange, whose founder disappeared without a trace. The platform was dubbed a Ponzi scheme, but we've seen similar stories before. Currently, only the trailer is available, but it's worth the wait. It could be intriguing and captivating.
  2. "Crypto" - An American thriller about a young Wall Street banker investigating financial fraud involving cryptocurrency. The film delves into various crypto-related themes, including money laundering, hacking, and the potential for decentralized finance to challenge the banking system.
  3. "Deep Web" - This film explores the story of the illegal online marketplace Silk Road and raises questions about the role of cryptocurrencies in its rise. It's a semi-fictional, semi-documentary work that sheds light on how the U.S. acquired several thousand BTC that occasionally enter the market. It also touches on the darknet.
  4. "Life On Bitcoin" - A documentary from 2014 about a young couple attempting to live for 90 days, using only Bitcoin to cover their expenses. The film was released during the first Bitcoin hype and shows how far we've come in understanding cryptocurrency trends in 2023.

Movies About the Birth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most well-known brand and the financial foundation of the crypto market. Many have heard of it, but not everyone fully understands the technical and ideological underpinnings of Bitcoin. The mysterious origin story of Satoshi Nakamoto is itself a compelling narrative. Here are a few films that can help you better grasp the first cryptocurrency:

  1. "Banking on Bitcoin" - A documentary that delves into the history, current status, and future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The film covers various aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including technology, economic implications, cultural significance, and investment risks. It's often regarded as the best Bitcoin documentary.
  2. "The Bitcoin Phenomenon" - Another documentary about Bitcoin, focusing on its technology, social and economic impact. The film features interviews with various experts, making it a useful resource for those looking to understand the origins and basics of cryptocurrencies.
  3. "Where Did Bitcoin Come From? - The True Story" - An Australian online media documentary that explores the history of Bitcoin's emergence. While it may look amateurish, the film delves deep into the reasons and prerequisites for the creation of cryptographic payment systems, tracing back several decades.
  4. "The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin" - This film unfolds the Bitcoin story through the life of programmer Dan, who initially becomes a miner and then becomes deeply integrated into the Bitcoin community. It covers events such as the rise and fall of the Mt. Gox exchange, the Silk Road scandal, and the emergence of the first altcoins. It's a great complement to the previous film on the birth of Bitcoin.

Documentaries About Blockchain

While films about Bitcoin touch upon blockchain technology, if you want to expand your understanding of blockchain as a whole, without tying it to a specific cryptocurrency, consider watching these documentaries:

  1. "The Blockchain and US" - A documentary film that explores the potential impact of blockchain technology on society and the economy. The film features commentary from top industry experts such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Caitlin Long, and Elizabeth Stark, who share their ideas and visions of how blockchain can transform various aspects of human life.
  2. "Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and The Future of the Internet" - This film investigates the origin and potential of blockchain technology and includes insights from Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, and Vitalik Buterin. It's suitable for both newcomers and those who have been in the crypto market for a while.
  3. "Inside the Crypto Kingdom" - A series of short documentary films that provide a brief overview of the history of cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin and moving through subsequent coins and blockchain-based technologies. The films touch on topics such as regulation, cybersecurity, and the role of cryptocurrencies in global politics. Prominent figures in the industry, including Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, and CZ, participate in the project.
  4. "Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain" - This film delves into the history of blockchain technology, tracing its roots back to the cypherpunk movement of the 1990s. What sets this film apart is its emphasis on the importance of trust in the context of blockchain, not just its technical advantages.

These films and documentaries offer a wide range of insights into the world of crypto, blockchain, and finance, providing both entertainment and valuable knowledge for viewers. Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, these movies can help you gain a deeper understanding of this rapidly evolving space. Enjoy your cinematic journey through the world of finance and technology!

These films are more educational in nature, so in general, you can watch them even on fast forward without the risk of losing important information. If you watch one documentary every day, you will gain a much clearer understanding of the industry and technology in just one week. Instead of fragmented segments, you'll build a comprehensive picture of the crypto market.

Movies About Finance

From a regulatory and organizational perspective, the crypto industry is currently at a stage of development similar to the U.S. stock market 150-200 years ago. This means that the same financial mechanisms and rules used in traditional markets are now applied in the crypto space. Here are a couple of movies that will immerse you in the world of finance and money, helping you better understand their nature. It's a great preparation for diving into the world of crypto:

  1. "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" - A documentary based on economist Thomas Piketty's book. It tells the story of wealth and income inequality, explaining the factors that contributed to it. In short, the film helps you understand why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
  2. "Freakonomics" - This is an entertaining documentary series based on the book of the same name by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. It explores the economics of human behavior and habits, showing how economic principles apply to various aspects of our lives and how data and analysis can help us better understand the world.
  3. "Margin Call" - This is a fictional film about the first 12 hours of the 2008 financial crisis. It covers the inner workings of a large investment bank as employees try to save the company and offload risky assets as the market crashes. It's dynamic, thrilling, and reveals some aspects of financial markets.
  4. "The Ascent of Money" - A comprehensive exploration of the history and evolution of money, from early forms of currency to modern financial systems. It allows you to assess the social and cultural impact of money and how it has shaped our world. It's ideal for newcomers to the world of crypto, finance, and investments.

Movies About Investments

Another area closely related to the crypto market is investments. While the principles of investing in crypto and traditional finance were significantly different during the early stages of crypto, the arrival of venture capital in the crypto market changed everything. Now, there are crypto Warren Buffetts, Bernie Madoffs, and Jordan Belforts. So, it's worth taking a look at a few films from the world of investments:

  1. "The Big Short" - Probably the most popular film about finance and investments after "The Wolf of Wall Street." It tells another story of the 2008 crisis and the individuals who predicted it and decided to short it on a large scale.
  2. "Boiler Room" - A classic from the early 2000s. Similar to "The Wolf of Wall Street," it's based on the diaries of Jordan Belfort but with a more liberal interpretation. There's no Leonardo DiCaprio, but Vin Diesel and great direction, making it worth a watch. The theme is timeless—money, stock market fraud, and the moral side of the financial industry.
  3. "Wall Street" - An old-school film about the stock market, perfect for fans of 80s filmmaking. It tells the story of a young and ambitious stockbroker getting involved in the actions of Wall Street players: insider trading, illegal deals, and amoral actions. The film provides insight into the high-stakes world of finance and the dark side of ambition.
  4. "The China Hustle" - A documentary project about the investigation of a financial scandal involving Chinese companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges. The plot includes interviews with key participants in the scandal, including whistleblowers, defrauded investors, and the fraudsters themselves.

It's essential to keep in mind that movies associated with investments often portray exceptional, memorable stories from the world of venture capital. Real investments are usually more dull, complex, and repetitive, so it's a good idea to supplement narrative films with scientific data and documentaries.


In the information space with a continually growing share of video content, movies are an effective way to learn, expand your worldview, and simply relax, even when delving into a specific field like the crypto market. We've compiled a selection of documentary and narrative films that will help you gain a better understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies and related industries. If you're not sure where to start watching, consider these:

  1. "Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain" - To grasp not only the technical but also the philosophical ideas associated with blockchain.
  2. "Life On Bitcoin" - It allows you to visually compare how challenging it was to live on Bitcoin in 2014 when the market was just emerging and in our time.
  3. "The Ascent of Money" - Because without an understanding of the concept of money, it's impossible to fully comprehend the markets and cryptocurrencies.

However, films, no matter how interesting they are, can only contain a small portion of the information needed to work in the crypto market. Therefore, continually expand your knowledge and stay updated on the latest market events with Incrypted!

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