TOP 5 emerging African countries for buying crypto

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As cryptocurrencies become more popular worldwide, it inevitably comes to a point where organizations make projections about it. The UN is one such organization, as it pinned a bright hope for cryptocurrencies back in 2018.

In this post, we will examine five of them in detail to see how these nations are preparing for the imminent embracement of crypto.


Guinea is one of the countries that are promoting blockchain services. There is a report that pig farmers use blockchain-powered livestock trackers to prove that their livestock is up to standards with the rest of the world.


Seychelles is another such country making itself attractive to cryptocurrency enterprises. Its simple regulatory framework known as the National Payment System Vision and Strategy has made obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Seychelles easier.


Although cryptocurrencies are currently banned in Morocco, that doesn't mean the residents aren't taking action. Despite the ban, the public continues to buy bitcoin in large amounts, indicating they see the long-term future of these cryptos. Also, blockchain technology in the private sector is flourishing; a Morocco company sold fertilizer to Ethiopia using blockchain transactions.


Tunisia became the first country to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC) back in 2019 and conducted blockchain trials with foreign banks.


Egypt maintains a solid connection to blockchains, and one of these connections is authorizing a blockchain-powered document transfer system, "CargoX," for use with incoming cargo.

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