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Top NFT Artists in 2022

👤 Mike Winklemann aka Beeple

On March 11, 2021, Beeple made history by becoming the first artist to sell a digital art collection as an NFT for $69 million.

👤 Trevor Jones

His “Crypto-Portraits” series, which sold for $100,000 in February 2021. He also makes NFTs that are meant to be used as currency.


This is a collective of artists. In February 2021, they sold NFTs for $85,000.

👤 Pak

He has drawn for brands such as Coca-Cola. In March 2021, he sold the NFT collection for $122,000.

👤 Mad Dog Jones

He has done commercials for brands such as Red Bull and Honda. In February 2021, he sold the NFT collection for $180,000.

👤 Gucci Ghost

A street artist who uses the Gucci logo in his work. In February 2021, he sold an NFT artwork for $200,000.

👤 Corey Johnson

Digital artist and animator. In February 2021, he sold an NFT artwork for $250,000.

👤 Krista Kim

In February 2021, she sold an NFT artwork for $275,000.

👤 Pablo Rodriguez-Frail

He is best known for his NFT series, which he sold for $290,000.


He has sold 1,017 works of art, with an average sale of $48,478.31 and a maximum price tag of $81,227.67.

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