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What are Super-apps and Where we can use them

The development of the Internet has made significant changes in the banking sector and financial services. And if earlier, in order to expand the bank's activities in new regions, the bank needed to open branches, rent  real estate and hire staff, now it is enough to install a mobile banking application. 

All the bank's customers can carry out a full range of financial services around the world directly from a mobile device.

Thanks to mobile applications, bank customers no longer have to go to bank branches. Banks no longer need to maintain such a number of branches and the need for employees is greatly reduced.

Now every person using a mobile application can make payments all over the world. In addition to banking applications, payment systems and electronic wallets have been widely developed. For this reason, the competition among mobile financial applications is only increasing.

Now it is not enough to provide only financial and banking services in one application. Super-apps have become increasingly widely used. It allows companies to provide a variety of financial, banking, insurance and other services within one application. As super-apps develop, their opportunities only grow.

Super-apps offer extensive possibilities in the field of data processing, analysis, systematization and interaction with customers, financial workers.

What is a super-app?

Super-app is a single portal offering a full range of services, such as paying bills, booking a taxi or apartments, ordering food and various goods and services. Features of super-apps is that they use a single integrated platform to perform a variety of tasks.

This application is designed to meet a wide range of everyday needs and combines many functions in a user-friendly interface with the help of an ecosystem of third-party applications.

Integrated within a single ecosystem, super-apps use huge amounts of data to interact with users and offer a wide range of products adapted to the individual needs of specific customers. 

The general functions of financial services include various types of payments - cashless, QR codes and mobile, insurance, loans and loans. 

They integrate applications of various retail stores, where you can order tickets, transport, hotel reservations and delivery of goods and food. Additional features range from news, media and music content to job search and real estate rentals.

Examples of super-apps

Super-applications are already actively used and widely applied in the Asia-Pacific region. The most popular ones are:


This first-generation super-app, originally based in China and developed by Tencent, was created in 2011. It has evolved from a social app into a super app with features covering messaging, networking, shopping and payments.


Launched as a digital wallet in China, Alipay now offers travel services, mobile phone account replenishment, digital discount coupons and payments.


This Indonesian super app was created when Gojek and Tokopedia merged. It includes food delivery, parcels and groceries, movie tickets and payments.


Having started as a taxi hailing app in Malaysia in 2012, now Grab offers payments, business loans, food delivery and ride booking.


Paytm, a company specializing in digital payments, e-commerce and financial services, was founded in 2010 in India and went public in 2021.

Among other super-apps are popular Fave, Line, Shohoz, Pathao.

OWNR Wallet is a super-app for cryptocurrencies, where everyone can buy cryptocurrency with his credit/debit card, and the OWNR  ecosystem already includes a wide variety of offers for both businesses and for simple users.

What do you want to see in our app? What functions? Let's make it better together!

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