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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, like the entire field of cryptocurrencies, is gaining more and more popularity every year. Cryptocurrency adoption is growing on a global scale. Cryptocurrencies are used as a tool for investing, trading, and staking. They allow new crypto projects to increase capitalization by listing coins on the exchange, and of course, they are used as a tool for buying and selling.

Since Bitcoin belongs to Web3, many people think that it can be used strictly within Web3 as a means of payment, but this is not the case. In this article, we will go in detail through all the goods and services that you can buy with Bitcoin, not only within Web3, but also outside it.

Advantages of Paying with Bitcoin

  • The main principle of the Bitcoin network is anonymity, so if you pay for goods or services with Bitcoin, such transactions will have more anonymity compared to dollar transactions from regular bank cards.
  • The absence of a third party is also a significant advantage. The Bitcoin blockchain itself is a decentralized system; accordingly, there will be no third party during payments, which can reduce transaction fees and make the payments more anonymous.
  • Crypto payments also reduce the risk of fraud. Since each coin has a hexadecimal code that is almost impossible to crack, this reduces the likelihood of fraudsters tampering with transactions and wallets.

Disadvantages of Paying with Bitcoin

  • One of the significant disadvantages of Bitcoin payments is the volatility of the coin. For example, if you go to the store to buy bread, you know that a loaf costs $1 and you buy it for $1. Due to the fact that the price of Bitcoin often fluctuates, difficulties may arise both with setting prices for a product (for example, say yesterday your product costed 0.1 BTC, but the price of Bitcoin has risen and today the cost of your product is 0.09 BTC), and with the expectations of the buyer regarding your prices (for example, say they thought they would buy the product for 0.1BTC, the price of BTC dropped sharply, and now they have to pay 0.11BTC).
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not supervise the Bitcoin market, so there are no regulations in place to safeguard your company.

How to Spend Bitcoin

As we already mentioned, you can spend crypto on a variety of online goods (video games, domain names, etc.) and physical goods (clothing, real estate, and much more). Next, we will take a closer look at the categories of goods and how they can be purchased with Bitcoin.

Online Stores

Overstock, a massive online retailer, loves accepting Bitcoin. Home Depot, the biggest home improvement chain in the US, takes Bitcoin too. Newegg, a huge electronics seller, allows Bitcoin payment for most items. Shopify, like Etsy or eBay, lets people create online stores that accept crypto payments. Microsoft, one of the largest companies ever, allows adding funds to accounts with Bitcoin. While most big retailers don't directly accept Bitcoin yet, you can buy gift cards to shop with crypto. Gift cards make up a large portion of Bitcoin spending, an easy way to use crypto at global and local businesses online and in real life.

Service Providers

Acceptance of Bitcoin as payment varies across companies, without any markets where it's universally accepted yet. But many businesses in different industries are adopting digital currencies to draw in new customers. Some examples are AT&T, a top cell provider, and Twitch, a popular live streaming platform, which now accept Bitcoin. Dish Network, a major US satellite TV provider, also utilizes Bitcoin payments. ExpressVPN and NordVPN, two leading VPN services, offer Bitcoin transactions for fast, secure, no-log access. ProtonMail, an encrypted email provider, and Vultr, a web hosting company, have grown their client base by accepting Bitcoin. WordPress, an open-source content manager, and Reddit, a popular online forum, sell premium features for Bitcoin payments.

Namecheap, a web hosting and domain provider, has also implemented Bitcoin payments. Even big media outlets like Bloomberg and the Chicago Sun-Times integrate Bitcoin subscriptions for their news services.

Buying Video Games with Bitcoin

Previously, to buy a video game you had to go to a physical store and buy the game there. But those times are in the past, because now you can buy a game online much faster and with less effort. Here is a small list of game-selling platforms that accept Bitcoin: Xbox, Humble Bundle, and Big Fish Games.

Airline Tickets

If you travel frequently, this item is for you. Ticket booking services that accept Bitcoin include Airbaltic, Cryptoturismo, and Flight Centre. Of course, this is an incomplete list; we have only mentioned the most basic booking services. You can also book charter private flights with Fast Private Jet, Simply Jet, or Cielo Aviation.

Anything on Amazon

Amazon itself does not accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. However, you can use a crypto wallet to pay with any cryptocurrency for the goods you need.

Apple iPhones, iPads & Macbooks

For now, Apple does not directly accept crypto payments, but you can use online crypto wallets to pay for the gadgets you need.

Boats & Yachts

You can buy with Bitcoin or book your dream yacht directly using Bitcoin. You can use the Denison Yachting service for purchases, and The Yacht Break for booking.

Books & Literature

In the United States, you can purchase a Barnes & Nobles gift card using cryptocurrency to make purchases in person or online at bookstores. However, if you do not want to purchase a gift card and prefer modest purchases, then you can use online crypto wallets.

Cars, Car Parts & Motorcycles

Still haven't bought your dream car? The good news is that you can buy with Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) a car that you’ve always wanted. Some crypto wallets are partners with dealerships, so you can easily pay for the car you’ve been wanting for a long time using cryptocurrencies. Check out RM Sotheby’s, Ducati Indianapolis, and Taabo Imports to view cars you can buy with crypto.

Cell Phones

Upgrade your communication device with the latest smartphone and use cryptocurrency to cover your monthly phone expenses. Whether you fancy an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or any other brand, you can now make your purchase using digital currency through Newegg's secure payment system. For an alternative option, consider purchasing gift cards from major retailers like Walmart or Amazon, where you can find your desired cell phone.

Clothes & Fashion Accessories

Buy with Bitcoin your favorite clothes. Some crypto wallets are partners with online stores, so you can pay for goods with crypto. You can also purchase gift cards with cryptocurrencies using crypto wallets that partner with clothing stores.

Computers, Laptops & PC Parts

Buy computer parts, laptops, or complete gaming computers and mining rigs with crypto. Crypto payments are accepted for computer parts and items sold by Newegg.

Diamonds & Jewelry

Jewelry and precious metals are some of the things you can buy with Bitcoin, either directly from the seller or through a crypto wallet. The ability to purchase jewelry also depends on the price of the product. You can begin your search for the perfect diamond on Idoneus, Icebox, Baunat, and Stephen Silver.

Domain Names, Web Hosting, VPNs & Servers

Pay for your web services with crypto. Numerous services are accepting Bitcoin. You can buy domain names, pay for web hosting, maintain servers, and leverage VPNs, all with your preferred cryptocurrency and wallet. There are crypto wallets that cooperate with VPN services, domain names, and so on; with these wallets, you can pay for the service you need with crypto directly.

Donations to Nonprofits and Charities

These days, you can donate using Bitcoin BTC. Donating Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency has advantages: firstly, most of your funds go directly to those in need, and fees and transaction processing fees are significantly reduced, which makes the donation more effective.


Today, almost all sellers of drones and drone parts accept payments in crypto, so you can pay easily, quickly, and without having to bother finding the right sellers who will accept Bitcoin, as is the case with other goods.

Anything on eBay

Buy goods on eBay with crypto! This is already possible today if you find the right crypto debit card, for example OWNR Wallet. eBay itself does not exclude the possibility that cryptocurrencies will become one of the means of payment in their system in the future, on an equal basis with regular debit cards.

Electronics & TVs

You can buy all kinds of electronics with Bitcoin directly from Newegg. Shop retailers with the largest selection of electronics in the world, including Best Buy and Walmart.

Flowers & Gift Baskets

Use Bitcoin BTC and other coins to make your loved ones happy and buy flowers for Bitcoins. At the moment, you can purchase flowers for cryptocurrency at 1-800-Flowers.com using a gift card, but soon more and more stores will include cryptocurrency as payment methods.

Food Delivery & Restaurants

You can enjoy a wonderful dinner or order food at home using cryptocurrencies. Get food delivered by using crypto to buy gift cards for UberEats and DoorDash, which are now accepting Bitcoin cash BCH.

Furniture & Home Improvement

Revive your living or workspace with a touch of uniqueness. Utilize your Bitcoin to elevate your surroundings with stylish furniture and home essentials. Some furniture stores are accepting Bitcoin for buying a gift card, so you have an opportunity to convert your crypto into gift cards for leading furniture and home improvement retailers, opening up a world of possibilities for your shopping spree. Explore top-notch home stores such as World Market, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, and many more to curate the perfect ambiance for your space.

Gift Cards

Today, some crypto wallets and crypto cards offer the possibility to purchase gift cards from your favorite stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Uber, DoorDash, and many other top brands.

Gold & Silver

We have already mentioned jewelry and precious metals; gold and silver can also be purchased with Bitcoins. There are dealers who are accepting Bitcoin for payments.


We talked about gold and precious metals, but what about everyday goods? It is also fashionable to buy groceries using Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Using crypto cards and crypto wallets, you can сonvert your crypto into credit to be used at Amazon Fresh, Home Chef, Walmart, Whole Foods, and other food retailers.

Guitars & Musical Instruments

Enjoy the art of music with Bitcoin! Some crypto cards now partner with a small number of music stores where you can spend Bitcoin as cash. Shop for guitars, drums, horns, strings, sound systems, and other musical accessories with crypto!

Houses & Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is a huge deal that you can now do with cryptocurrency. Pacaso leads the way in real estate by helping people buy and co-own beautiful vacation homes with Bitcoin payment. Condos.com also has a platform to facilitate buying new condo buildings and accepts crypto. As more folks want crypto payment options, I bet tons more real estate companies will get on board.

Hotels & Stays

Book your next trip using crypto for hotels and travel money. Big hospitality brands and funky boutique hotels, like the D Hotel in Vegas, now take Bitcoin. Or use crypto to get Hotels.com and Airbnb gift cards. Whether you want a fancy downtown hotel or a cozy cabin getaway, crypto can make it happen.

Movies & TV Shows

Enjoy movies and shows at home or in theaters with crypto payments. Dish TV and Sling TV accept Bitcoin bills. AMC theaters now take cryptocurrency including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. But Netflix and Hulu don't accept crypto yet.


Of course we can't forget pizza, since the first Bitcoin purchase ever was for two pies in 2010. That buyer spent 10,000 Bitcoins--makes me wish we could go back and buy up cheap Bitcoin! Today it's easy to buy pizza with a crypto card or wallet.


In different regions worldwide, numerous taxi dispatch and airport transportation services have integrated Bitcoin into their payment options.


Step into a world of innovative education with Treehouse, where Bitcoin is accepted as payment for a wide array of engaging courses. Curtin University, a leading educational institution in Australia, offers diverse courses in architecture, business, engineering, and information technology, among others, all payable in Bitcoin cash BCH. Meanwhile, The King’s College, a bustling Christian liberal arts college nestled in the heart of New York City, also welcomes Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Across the Atlantic, the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), a distinguished German university with an international student body, now allows Bitcoin payments as well. Furthermore, the University of Nicosia, a prestigious private institution in Cyprus, made a groundbreaking move in 2013, offering a Master's program in Blockchain and Digital Currency with the option to pay tuition fees using Bitcoin.

Sneakers & Shoes

Calling all sneaker aficionados! Feed your love for footwear, whether you're drawn to Jordans, enamored with Yeezys, or loyal to Nike. Utilize your cryptocurrency to procure the freshest and most sought-after sneakers for your collection, and buy sneakers in online stores with Bitcoin cash BCH.

Vacation & Travel

For the ardent traveler, we've already explored purchasing air tickets with Bitcoin, but accommodation can also be secured with cryptocurrency. Noteworthy platforms such as Airbnb, Hotels.com, and Delta Airlines all accept crypto payments.


Watches, often considered a luxury on par with jewelry or gold, can now be purchased using Bitcoin or other crypto directly from esteemed retailers such as Jomashop, CRM Jewelers, and Wrist Aficionado.

Anything at Walmart

Walmart does not currently accept Bitcoin directly, but you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin and use those gift cards to purchase whatever you need.


The list of goods on which you can spend crypto is immense, and more and more stores are accepting Bitcoin; it’s easier to name products that cannot be bought with Bitcoins. What does this mean? The fact is that digital assets and decentralized finance are increasingly being integrated into our lives; probably very soon we will not be able to imagine how we could live without cryptocurrencies.


What things can I buy using Bitcoin?

There are many different things you can buy with Bitcoin, from groceries to real estate purchases. Products of almost any type can be purchased with Bitcoin in online stores, or at least this will soon be possible.

What does Bitcoin allow you to buy?

Bitcoin allows you to buy gold, jewelry, real estate, electronics, drones, TVs, phones, books, musical instruments, etc.

Can you use Bitcoin to pay for anything?

Yes, you can use Bitcoin as a means of payment, but this will also depend on the seller or store, and on the crypto wallet or crypto card you use.

Can you convert Bitcoin to cash?

Of course you can convert Bitcoin to cash. This usually happens as follows: you convert Bitcoin into USDT (or you may not convert), then through P2P or exchanges, you withdraw the digital asset to your bank card, and then, if you need to, go to the nearest ATM and withdraw the cash.

Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?

Amazon doesn't accept Bitcoin yet, but you can spend crypto using OWNR Wallet crypto cards.

Can I buy a car with Bitcoin?

You can buy a car with Bitcoin, depending on the dealer; either pay directly or through the OWNR Wallet crypto card.

DISCLAIMER: None of the authors, contributors, administrators, or editors connected to OWNR Wallet encourage readers to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency without doing proper research on their own. This article is purely for educational purposes.

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