What DeFi innovations can we expect this year?

The more and longer the cryptocurrency market falls, the more panic there is in social networks. 98% of cryptocurrencies have lost more than 90% of their maximum value. 

All this has led to a huge number of discussions on social networks about how useless, unviable digital assets are, DeFi products are dead and not needed.

People who invested money in cryptocurrencies at the peak of the hype are now expressing their anger on all existing social channels.

New innovations in DeFi. What are you looking towards?

Against the background of the current situation, the reddit user Popular_Rub9075 asked the crypto community a question – New innovations in DeFi. What are you looking towards? , noting that he is personally interested in projects that do something innovative for crypto.

During this bear market, he looks at projects that take him up a notch. The idea he’s considering is to look at projects that create something innovative that hasn’t been there before, that will take a step in the right direction towards innovation beyond what people thought was possible.

Even during the downtrends of the market, Popular_Rub9075 believes that if there is faith in crypto in general, it is not a bad idea to invest in some projects that will benefit.

What did the community say to him?

In response to the thread, Reddit user Crumbedsausage  said that he wishes to see more Liquid Ether (ETH) staking projects that are non-custodial. He also said that the ability to run an Ethereum node with “1 ETH or less” may be good for decentralization and provide realistic annual percentage yields.

Another user – Geistirnd, noted that they believe in the potential of DeFi projects that are focused on privacy.  Providing more privacy options for DeFi users will be a catalyst for the “wider adoption of DeFi.”

Other participants in the thread also spoke about yield making, pointing out that everyone wants new ways to “make some gains.”

One of the most urgent wishes of users for DeFi projects is to make an effective profit without the presence of scammers. The need for transparency of DeFi projects and clearing them of fraudsters and scammers was emphasized by many participants in the discussion.

The fall of the market is not only panic and loss of funds. These are new opportunities. Don’t miss them.

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