What is Map2Earn Model and How it Helps to Merge Physical and Virtual Worlds

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With the development of blockchain technology, new opportunities appear that were previously unavailable, and the emergence of metaverses only expands the number of these opportunities. 

After Play2Eean's growing popularity, new models are coming out that give users new opportunities to both develop and make money. One of these new models is Map2Earn. It is a revolutionary economic model focused on the Metaverse that allows users to become mappers while earning tokens.

Blockchain is driving the development of new unpredictable markets and economies fueled by the demand for innovation. This trend began with the rapid entry and development of the play-to-earn (P2E) model. 

It was followed by the equally interesting move-to-earn (M2E) model, which allows mobile app users to take active actions while earning money. These are not all the possibilities of blockchain. Decentralized technology is empowering communities like never before.

What is Map2Earn model

One of the next major milestones in today's technology revolution is the nascent and fast-growing trend of Map2Earn, which is based on an economic model that encourages people to scan physical locations and buildings for 3D mapping.

Although it is still a fledgling market, Map2Earn is playing an important role in the construction of Augmented Reality and the Metaverse. Both are multi-billion dollar markets and are expected to expand rapidly in the coming years.

Research indicates that the Metaverse market will exceed the $1 trillion mark by 2030. The AR and virtual reality market could grow to about $500 billion by then.

Many uses of AR and metaverses include the use and modeling of various maps. Metaverse ecosystems will require alternatives like Google Map to develop.

The Map2Earn model will allow developers to accelerate the creation of quality 3D maps using community help. This will include a system to reward participants for their efforts.

Although different projects have varying requirements, most often users are offered to take photos of physical locations and different locations using their smartphones.

Benefits of Map2Earn models

The Map2Earn model has a number of advantages that any smartphone user can benefit from.

Unlike other economic models such as P2E and move-to-earn, which require complex actions, spending a lot of time, the Map2Earn model allows projects to reward users for taking a few pictures while walking, going to the office or traveling for fun. In doing so, people get paid for all of their actions, which incentivizes them to be active.

Thanks to Map2Earn models, projects with large communities can create detailed 3D maps of the physical world and provide unique opportunities for AR and Metaverse creation.

Currently, one of the problems with most virtual world projects is that GPS accuracy when geolocating an AR object is limited and is, at best, within six meters.

At the same time, an ultra-detailed map created with Map2Earn can increase localization accuracy to as little as 20 cm.

Such capabilities allow creators to more accurately overlay AR objects on existing buildings, walls or statues, creating impressions that weren't possible before. It's also able to create images indoors that can't be done with traditional geolocation.

Since Map2Earn is a new concept and it's not very popular yet, it offers great revenue opportunities for users who can contribute early on in the map creation process. And as experience shows, early adopters of advanced technologies often have the most revenue than those who come after them.

The Map2Earn concept combines the physical and virtual worlds to provide a unique AR experience, opening the door to a multitude of ways to use the technology.


Map2Earn is a powerful model designed to help merge the physical and virtual worlds at an accelerated pace, providing users with tremendous earning opportunities and metaverses with fast building and development opportunities.

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