We do not store your private data

In a non-custodial wallet only you have access to the funds. Your seed phrase is stored on your device only

Restore any HD wallet

Restore your HD wallet using the seed phrase of any length (12/15/18/21/24 words) in 8 different languages

Asset autodiscovery

All coins supported will automatically be added to your wallet after restoration

Forced address allocation

Generate up to 20 new addresses at once for BTC and BTC-like coins, without having to wait for confirmation of current transactions


Add SegWit addresses for swifter transactions and lower fees

Balance update

Get notified about your balance update once the incoming transaction reaches the mempool


Price widget

Add a widget to monitor cryptocurrency price spikes for Android and iOS

Customizable fees

Set up your own fee for exchange to temper sudden spikes or to speed up the transaction

Technical support

In the app technical support is available 24/7


Visa prepaid cards

Order a Visa prepaid card and manage your funds all in one app

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