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Fees in the TRON network

Modified on: 21 January, 2022 at 12:24 PM

For sending coins from TRON network, you need to have enough TRX on your balance. Without TRX sending USDT in the TRON network is impossible.

Transaction fees on that network are calculated using two parameters: ‘Bandwith’ and ‘Energy’.

Bandwith: For a simple transaction the amount of ‘Bandwith’ can easily be calculated before being executed simply by the amount of bytes a transaction has.

TRON provides a daily amount of free Bandwidth to each address that is sufficient for about 15 financial transactions.

Energy: The energy is not required for sending TRX. However, it is needed for sending USDT TRC-20. The required amount of Energy varies for different transactions. To know in advance how much Energy is needed requires you can estimate or judge by past transactions of the same type

There is also another parameter that is associated with TRON network which is called ‘Frozen (or staked) assets’. However, right now we do not support it in OWNR, so there is no possibility to freeze ‘Energy’. This feature is coming soon.

If there are enough Bandwith and Energy on your balance, they will be for sending USDT TRC-20. If not, then TRX will be spent as a transaction fee.

We always suggest you check that you have enough TRX on your balance for sending USDT TRC-20.