About us

OWNR Wallet is a fast-growing international FinTech company building a crypto ecosystem to allow users do everything with cryptocurrencies in one place.

Today OWNR Wallet includes multiplatform non-custodial crypto wallet apps, prepaid cards, and ready-made enterprise solutions such as payment gateway API to buy crypto, sell crypto or exchange crypto.

New horizons for OWNR Wallet are including adding new coins and payments methods, affiliate program improvements, ecosystem tokenization and attracting new users, partners and collaborations.

Operating in 211 countries and territories

    Avaliable on mobile, desktop and web platforms
    prepaid cards
    Monthly fee — 1.5€
    supported coins
    including USDT + all the ERC-20 tokens, Tron and USDT TRC-20
    registered companies
    with 6 licenses

    Achieved milestones

    Start of development, OWNR Wallet OÜ incorporation
    • Launch of mobile and desktop apps
    • Launch of the first payment gateway
    • Launch of purchase crypto option in app and website
    • Launch and promotion of Visa prepaid cards
    • Launch of Card partner portal
    • Launch of custom crypto-to-crypto exchange API
    • In-house developed crypto-to-crypto exchange engine
    • Licensing agency agreement with an EMI company that allows us to work all over the world

    Our values


    OWNR Wallet is a safe way to manage your cryptocurrency:

    • security of services — OWNR has several financial licenses and the best KYC and AML providers
    • security of funds — OWNR is a non-custodial wallet, we do not store private keys or any data that may lead to accesses, assets are controlled by the user only
    Own developments
    Our own developments and direct connection to blockchains make the ecosystem complete and independent from third-party services and products
    Foresees the trends
    The market is changeable, and users’ needs are constantly expanding, our task is to satisfy their demands

    OWNR reviewed by global Tier 1 media

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