OWNR WALLET Partner Program

Enroll with the CPA system, or just recommend us to your friends and receive a lifetime passive income of up to 38% of the company's net profit

Start earning
OWNR WALLET Partner Program

OWNR WALLET Partner Program

How to start earning

How to start earning

Create a stable and profitable source of passive crypto income together with OWNR WALLET. Become a partner of the CPA system, place advertising materials on the Internet, or invite friends, mates or subscribers in a few clicks. The more people you engage, the higher the earnings! Track the actions users perform and how your affiliate account is replenished in plain view. Withdraw your reward monthly

I want to get passive income!

Who can earn money with the OWNR affiliate program?


Website owners

Increase the cryptocurrency earnings of your Internet project


Marketing specialists and publishers

Subscribe new affiliates through advertising and create a new source of income


Bloggers and opinion leaders

Recommend OWNR WALLET to subscribers and make them into profitable referral partners


Sociable people

Recommend our crypto wallet and crypto card to your friends to earn money

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OWNR Wallet affiliate program benefits


Effortless income

You earn with no efforts or investments while doing your daily chores or relaxing


100% transparency

Know exactly which user actions you receive rewards for. Withdraw USDT immediately


High quality products

Take part in the promotion and development of the international company holding 6 financial licenses


Interesting acquaintances

Meet the new friends in the crypto world, create a community of active users around you

Earning options with OWNR WALLET

Choose the appropriate way to monetize the project, traffic or subscriber base, or combine several formats at once


CPA System

Marketing specialists, publishers, agencies

  • Monetization of your traffic-generating web sites
  • A full fledged account with tools for webmaster tasks
  • Traffic sources tracking
  • Ready-made creatives of different formats and sizes
  • Dashboards with detailed and clear reports

Up to 38% of the COMPANY'S NET PROFIT

Monetize the project

Attracting affiliates

Internet users, bloggers and sociable people

  • Creating a referral network of active affiliates
  • Transparent remuneration system
  • No limit on the number of referrals
  • Instant generation of referral links
  • Tracking the profitability and activity of affiliates

5% of affiliate profits

Attract affiliates
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How to get the first reward

Start earning right now!

Sign in the CPA system as a partner with just 3 steps
Make a request for Offer, select advertising materials and monetize traffic with a profit of up to 38% of the company's net income
Generate an anonymous referral link. Use it to start engaging affiliates with a passive income of 5% of their earnings
Get commissions for the actions of engaged people and withdraw real money
Get your first income

Passive income in a crypto partner system every day

Rewards are awarded for such user`s actions as:




Commission fees

Buying cryptocurrencies with a bank card

Commissions are accrued from the first and subsequent purchases


from 25% of OWNR WALLET net profit

Ordering a Visa card and operations with it

Issue of prepaid virtual / plastic cards

One time reward

1 USD / 6 USD

Ordering a Visa card and operations with it

ATM withdrawal and card replenishment with cryptocurrency


from 25% of OWNR WALLET net profit

Crypto-crypto exchange

Income depends on the direction of exchange and network commissions in blockchains


from 25% of OWNR WALLET net profit

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See the detailed terms and description of the affiliate program

View PDF

Lifetime payouts


For the first year of client`s activity

38% of profit income from each transaction

Learn More

After the 1st year of client`s activity

25% of profit income from each transaction

Learn More
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How much you can earn

Let's look at a real example. Marcel managed to bring 40 users to the CPA system. During the entire time of activity they performed the following actions:


Amount, USD

Number of operations

1st year of activity

After the 1st year of activity

Buying cryptocurrencies with a bank card

0.45 / 0.30




Ordering a plastic card





Card balance replenishment with cryptocurrency

0.82 / 0.57




Crypto-crypto exchange

1.52 / 1.00




Marcel`s Total income

In the first year of user activity to

113.80 USD

In subsequent years

75.40 USD

A total of 40 users

189.20 USD

Results of CPA system participants


In a month, he brought 14 people to the affiliate program. All of them have ordered a crypto card, some are actively using it. As a result, it brought a passive income of 184 USD.



I am a webmaster and a publisher. I have several projects. Over the past month, 17 people have joined the CPA system. In general, monthly earnings are 198 USD and growing.



As of today, I have 276 referrals in the OWNR affiliate program. I get about 350 USD every month. I plan to double the base and income.


I want the same!

Calculate your income in OWNR WALLET

User actions per day:

Referrals actions:

  • Ordering a plastic card
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Replenishment of the crypto card
  • Crypto-crypto exchange
  • Purchase of crypto

Monthly remuneration*:

250 USD

Yearly remuneration*:

3000 USD


Supported platfroms


OWNR WALLET — we are the first in the market to pay partners up to 38% of the company's NET PROFIT. Create an additional source of passive income in a crypto partner program and earn with no effort.


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