The fourth quarter was full of important updates for OWNR.

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The fourth quarter was full of important updates for OWNR.

  • New assets were launched for Bitfinex users. Now verified Bitfinex users can buy BTC, ETH, ETC, USDT, XAUT, TRX, XTZ,    LTC, ZEC, DASH, EOS using OWNR Wallet as a payment gateway.
  • In the middle of the fourth quarter, cryptocurrency purchase fees were reduced to 4% for all OWNR Wallet users. For Bitfinex users, fees now start from 3%.
  • One of the most significant milestones was that OWNR Wallet expanded its services by adding a Visa card. Now you can not only buy and exchange cryptocurrency but also use it to pay offline and online, and withdraw it almost in any country of the world, from more than 2M ATMs.
  • In December we launched own built-in crypto-to-crypto exchange we have been working on for months. The assets which users can now exchange include BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, ZEC, and LTC. More assets are being added by the tech team for OWNR users to enjoy seamless, close to instant exchange.

We also have some non-technical news worth mentioning:

  • November started with a publication in which we shared our view on the open source vs closed source dilemma and explained why OWNR is not an open source project.
  • In December, we ran a Christmas Giveaway giving followers small cryptocurrency presents.
  • OWNR key updates were published in prominent media like BloombergYahoo and others. So, OWNR Wallet continues to conquer the world arena.

Stay tuned not to miss upcoming updates!

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