Seven reasons to use OWNR Wallet for EOS

The way EOS blockchain works sets it apart from the other blockchains. It has no mempool, and transactions are confirmed instantly. There’s also no network fee: to make transactions, you’ll need some staked resources. The architecture of the EOS blockchain puts certain restrictions on the solutions for managing EOS though, with most of them providing some specialized, limited functionality.

OWNR Wallet has recently added full EOS support. What does it mean for EOS users and why does OWNR pose a good alternative to the popular EOS apps? Let’s take a brief overview of the opportunities provided.


1. Purchase and restoration

Some EOS apps would only allow you to create an EOS account. Others are designed for managing EOS, but within a specific network.

In OWNR, you can both create a new EOS account and restore an old wallet of yours with a few clicks, no matter where your EOS account has been generated.


2. Create a new EOS account  yourself

Setting up an EOS account is normally a multi-step process. In some cases (quite often so), it takes more than one app to create a fully-fledged account with resources. Due to the EOS network peculiarities, you would need someone with an EOS account so that they provide you with resources or even generate an EOS account for you.

With OWNR, creating a new EOS account and managing EOS takes place on a single platform. You purchase an account with resources in it, eliminating the need for someone’s assistance.


3. Intuitive interface

For those used to Bitcoin-like coins, ETH and ETH-based assets, EOS account setup may look a bit awkward and complicated. As stated above, creating an EOS account is not anything near BTC address generation which takes several clicks in every other hot wallet.

We made the EOS account setup as simple as it would be for BTC, LTC, ETH and other popular coins. It just takes a few steps in OWNR (with checkout as the longest one). No specific knowledge is required: we will walk you through the process.


4. Compatibility

You won’t be restricted in using the newly created EOS account should you decide to restore it in another app.  Feel free to manage the address generated with OWNR in any other EOS applications.


5. Create, store and manage EOS in one app

Once you have created/imported an account, you are free to send, receive EOS and exchange it to other coins from the list, all with a single app.


6. Manage EOS resources

To send EOS, you need some CPU and Network for each transaction. Thus the daily number of transactions you can make is limited by the resources you own.

There are EOS solutions that would offer the resources just for the time of the account creation, with further withdrawal. This is not the case for OWNR Wallet.

The resources you get with the purchase of the account (CPU, Network and RAM) will be available to you as long as their quantity is adequate for your transactions. Currently CPU provided when you create an account is enough to make two transactions per day; it recovers in 24 hours once spent.  OWNR has an option of replenishing the resources and thus being in full control of your EOS.


7. Manage EOS from an HD wallet

Last but not least, you can manage EOS from the same app you use for routine operations with the basic coins. But for EOS, ten popular assets from the CMC top are supported, including BTC, LTC, ETH and more, along with all the ERC-20 tokens.

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Seven reasons to use OWNR Wallet for EOS

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