What are the security measures implemented by you?

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We are launching a new heading in which we will answer all popular questions. One of them: What are the security measures implemented by you?

There are different layers of security in OWNR Wallet ecosystem.

Beside of the fact that mobile apps are audited by Apple and Google app stores with each new version release, users can easily secure the OWNR app on their gadgets with a PIN code, Face ID or Touch ID.

For PC apps users can find hash-sums for the latest app build, downloaded from official website or MacOS store. And you can’t use a PC OWNR app without a password set.

In regards to assets security OWNR gives you an option to generate a seedphrase of 12 / 15 / 18 /21 / 24 words, and protect it with an additional Passphrase, which in essence becomes a part of your seedphrase, but not generated from a vocabulary. For experienced users this is an obvious fact that OWNR supports BIP 39 standard allowing users to generate an absolutely random and unique seedphrase, known only by its author.

And for Visa prepaid card account OWNR users are obliged to set a PIN code and a unique 3D-Secure password to confirm online transactions.

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