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Buying crypto with OWNR Wallet: illustrated guide

Modified on: 23 September, 2022 at 10:30 AM

  1. Before buying crypto you need to go through verification process first.
  2. After that go to ‘Orders’ section and enter the amount you want to buy. Please note that for buying more than 50$ you need to go through verification. Enter the amount you want to buy in EUR, USD, or any other currency you want and then choose the cryptocurrency. You will see the equivalent of the amount in the chosen cryptocurrency. After that paste in the address. If you use the mobile version, the address will be typed in automatically. Press ‘Read and agree terms.

3. Scroll till the very end of the end and ‘Accept’ the terms.

Then choose your country. Note that you can only use the cards issued in the country you chose. After that create an order.


You will see the pay form where you need to enter your card data. Note that you can only buy crypto using the card that you authorized before. Agree with Terms&Conditions and press ‘Submit’


Don’t forget to enter your 3D secure code.

Then you have 24 hours to complete the verification. More about the requirments you can read here. If you don’t pass the verification in that time, your payment will be reversed. 

NOTE! Technically, reversal is different from refund. The money did not change hands. It was just put on hold while we were waiting for your KYC. You should be able to see this amount back within a few hours, sometimes up to 24 hours.

Please be aware that some banks do not send notifications about reversal. They may just clear the initial transaction. So you may try to check the transaction in question in your billing statement in the online account with the bank if you do not see any notifications from them within the timeframe mentioned.

If the purchase is successful, you will see your order in the list of Orders.


If you have any questions about the verification process, do not hesitate to contact us in live chat for prompt assistance.