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How to add and authorize your SEPA account?

Modified on: 20 February, 2023 at 1:32 PM

To buy using SEPA, you need to pass KYC verification and provide your EURO bank account statement.

Required information for an uploaded document:

–Issued on the bank’s official letterhead

–Includes your full name

–Includes IBAN account number

–The document should be not older than 3 months

–Supported file formats: PDF/JPG

  1. Go to ‘Buy crypto’ section and choose SEPA tab. You will the requirements for a bank statement with the IBAN number which you are planning to use. Press the ‘Upload document’ button and add a bank statement.
  2. Select the file on your computer and click ‘Open’. The supported formats are PDF or JPG, the file size cannot be more than 10Mb. You will receive a notification about the successful upload of documents to the e-mail specified during registration.
  3. After that the bank statement will be checked by our compliance team. The verification will take up to 48 hours. The results of the verification will be sent to the specified email. You will also see an ‘Approved’ status.
  4. If you don’t pass verification, you will see a reject status and will get a corresponding letter. You will be able to resubmit a bank statement again, in case the rejection is not final.
  5. Now you can create an order using your SEPA account.