Virtual cards are available in the OWNR app!

Hooray! Virtual cards are available in the OWNR app! With the same functionality, but no need to wait for delivery!

  • The issuance fee is 5 EUR. Other fees and limits are identical to standard Visa prepaid cards
  • Verification process for virtual cards is similar to the one for physical Visa prepaid cards
  • Instant issuance. Card is available to use right after successful verification
  • Online and offline purchases
  • Connect to Apple Pay

We know this is what you’ve been waiting for! Go to the app and order!

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local currencies

Buy crypto with local currencies in OWNR Wallet!


25 Jan 2022

We continue to expand the list of national currencies! Install OWNR Wallet and buy crypto without extra fees!

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What is the difference between AML and KYC?


19 Jan 2022

Two of these developments that has been made in the past decade are Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

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local currencies

New national currencies in OWNR Wallet!


04 Jan 2022

New national currencies are available for payments in OWNR Wallet! MDL, RSD, CHF, CZK, BGN, NOK, RON, BYN, HUF, TRY.

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