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Why do You Need a VISA Prepaid Card in OWNR Wallet?

Now it is impossible to imagine our life without cards. With the help of cards, you can make payments all over the world without worrying about storing cash in your wallets. Bank cards are safer and more convenient than cash. In case of theft or loss of the card, the money on it can be blocked. 

And if earlier the issue of the card was exclusively the prerogative of banks, then with the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the possibilities of users have significantly expanded. Cryptocurrencies allow you to connect the digital world with the real financial sector and directly make payments from your cryptocurrency wallet. 

So in the OWNR Wallet you can order a Visa Prepaid Card and take advantage of all the benefits of a Visa Card around the world. 

OWNR Wallet Visa Prepaid Card

To do this, first of all you need to create a wallet OWNR Wallet and  order a card in it.  

Only first check out the list of countries whose residents can order their OWNR Wallet Visa Prepaid Card. So far the card is only available for EU countries.

After ordering a card and paying a commission for its issue, you will need to specify your real address where this card will be delivered. You can also order a virtual card.

With this card, you can make purchases online and offline and withdraw money at the ATM. You can pay with the card at a shop or any website which accepts Visa cards. The card can be added to the ApplePay system.

How OWNR Wallet Visa Prepaid Card works

The conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat is done during the replenishment of the card through the account. 

You can top up your card with cryptocurrency instantly via the app from your cryptocurrency account. To do this, you can choose any convenient cryptocurrency stored on your BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT (ETH) wallet.

Also you can replenish the card by transferring funds from another Visa card.

This way you can safely store your cryptocurrency on your OWNR Wallet, but as soon as you need the funds, you can instantly convert cryptocurrency and transfer money to a Visa Prepaid Card to dispose of them at your discretion.

Advantages of OWNR Wallet Visa Prepaid Card

  • The card can be instantly replenished with cryptocurrency directly in OWNR Wallet,
  • You can use it all over the world where the Visa card is accepted
  • Connects to ApplePay
  • There are physical and virtual cards
  • Simplicity and ease of use from one app

If you still have questions about using Visa Prepaid Card, visit our Prepaid Card page. 

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